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Brevity, the Soul of Deadlines

Jarrod Washburn, reportedly, will not be a Yankee.

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Yeah, this makes me a happy Sox fan. Though when the Yankees took basically every big-name prospect they had off the board, I wondered if the M’s might look elsewhere.

eh, I’m fine with this. Washburn, a flyball pitcher, in the new Yankee Stadium didn’t excite me.

How could the GM of the Seahawks, I mean Mariners, look Cashman in the eyes and SERIOUSLY ask for Montero for Washburn? Monetero may end up being the next Toby Hall, but he’s our Toby Hall. That’s why your team sooks, because you have a misinformed, misguided sense of talent. Enjoy Jack Wilson! Yes, I am disappointed, can you tell?

Luke French and Mauricio Robles are the return. I have no idea how that compares to Montero, who was apparently the guy the Mariners really wanted from NY.

John, you’re just mad that not every team will dump Bobby Abreu talent on the Yankees for spare parts. ;-)

I am mad because if the rumors are true that they asked for Montero, who is a top 5 midseason ranked prospect, then how do you turn around and deal him for two guys who aren’t even in the top 15. I guess it’s give and take. Sometimes you’re the bug, other times your the windshield.

I seriously doubt the rumors of asking for Montero are true.
But the Yankees took everyone off the board for Washburn, and probably wanted the Mariners to pay his salary, so you can’t be upset with them for sending him elsewhere. It’s not a great return, but they couldn’t have expected a great return anyway. He’s still Jarrod Washburn.

He can give up all the flyballs he wants in Comerica! Why am I so angry over Jarrod Washburn. I will forever hate you and your stupid lumberjack beard and tight old school pants.

Ok, since this kind of a Yankee-rumor thread:
I remain unconvinced — but sure hope it’s true — that the Yankees are so strapped for cash that Hal Steinbrenner is telling Cash to ask other teams to pick up the check for players like Washburn and Bannister. What’s going on?

Hey, they got the Pirates to pay for half of Hinske’s contract.
Maybe the Teixeira deal really did overstretch their purse strings.

I don’t believe it, Paul. I think the Yanks have decided that it’s best for them to take this tact as a negotiating ploy. Play possum and then steal Halladay out from under the Sox!

I remain unconvinced
As you should, because it’s not true. They’re just saving the money for the HUGE deal later which they’ll have to eat two contracts, and give up talent to get the one player they want.

Just read through RAB, those guys want Duchs, something awful. We need a pitcher today, not next month. I guess it couldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Duch wouldn’t be a bad gamble. In fact, the Yankees do need a pitcher in a month more than they need a pitcher now, if they’re indeed going to skip some of Joba’s starts.

Random trade news update…
The Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians were discussing a three-way trade Thursday night that would send Victor Martinez to Boston, Clay Buchholz to Cleveland and prospects flying in all directions, according to clubs that spoke to both teams.
The Red Sox also would attempt to move recently acquired first baseman Adam LaRoche, either to a third team or in a companion deal, to make room for catcher/first baseman Martinez in their lineup, one source said.


If the Sox are getting Carlos Santana back, that would be pretty neat. After all this Gonzalez/Halladay talk, it’s hard not to be disappointed if the Sox land Martinez instead (or nobody, obviously).

No way, they can’t get Carlos Santana too…come on! I can live with V-Mart, but Santana too? They better be giving up a lot!

Clay Buchholz is a lot. Though I still wonder how the Sox plan on competing the next two months with a rotation of Beckett-Lester-Penny-Smoltz with an injured Wakefield and an injured Matsuzaka if they trade Buchholz for a position player.
If it’s Gonzalez, you take that risk because he’s a franchise cornerstone player. Martinez, I don’t think so.’s Jonathan Mayo via Twitter: “I’m hearing odds of Padres dealing Gonzalez are very low at this point.”
Thank Jesus (not Montero)

Color me not upset. It’s the equivalent of giving up McAllister and another young pitcher. Why? So they can get a scary fly ball fifth starer for two months only to watch him walk for $60 Million with Boras as his agent? Then get a supplemental pick who, at best, would be as good as McCallister?
No thanks. Go get Downs (controlled for 2010 too) for McAllister and put Hughes in the rotation. You get an excellent setup guy and you get a better pitcher in the rotation.

Buchholz for Martinez is lipstick on a pig to me. The Sox can’t afford to have a rotation worthy of the Texas Rangers, sorry, nope. There would need to be another deal for a starter, but where is that coming from?
Johan Santana available? ;-)

“eh, I’m fine with this. Washburn, a flyball pitcher, in the new Yankee Stadium didn’t excite me.”
Exactly my thoughts. Throw in that Washburn has been the beneficiary this year of a very good Mariners defense, a good pitchers park, and some good luck, and I wasn’t really too keen on giving up even moderate value for him. The Yanks are looking like a very strong bet for the playoffs anyway, and I don’t think he’s the kind of pitcher that pushes you from contender to favorite…

How could you possibly think the Sox could get Martinez AND Santana? Santana is one of the best prospects in the game. Cleveland wouldn’t trade him for Buchholz+ straight up.

The Red Sox also would attempt to move recently acquired first baseman Adam LaRoche
Now that’s hilarious.
The Marlins are in on Nick Johnson for the equivalent of Bowden plus one. If the Sox trade Buchholz just to get a bit more flexibility at the catcher position, my high opinion of Theo et al will take a big hit.

Exactly, Rob, it wasn’t worth it to the Yankees at that price. The Tigers gave up some decent arms in the trade. French has solid minor league numbers, is only 23, and is a lefty to boot, while Robles is striking out over a batter an inning in high-A ball.

Yeah, I don’t know that V-Mart is good value for Buchholz, at least as far as the Sox are concerned. Victor is barely a catcher himself.
Maybe the Sox could try and get back Kelly Shoppach.

More good news for me…LFY is on his way back to the big club. Shelley Duncan will be in Chicago tonight for the game. He makes me want to vomit. Sorry, is that too harsh?

More blather, Heyman via the Globe:
Heyman’s blog updates his tweet regarding Gonzalez and the Sox. He notes that the sides are discussing a “big package” that includes Buchholz, Masterson and Lowrie in exchange for Gonzalez. However, Heyman writes, the sides are still pretty far apart, and Boston is still in the mix for Cleveland’s Victor Martinez. He also notes that the Padres are pressing for prospects Lars Anderson and Ryan Westmoreland, but that the Sox may have deemed Westmoreland and pitcher/shortstop Casey Kelly untouchable.

Cleveland wouldn’t trade him for Buchholz+ straight up.
This is such a crock. Buchholz is one of the best pitching prospect in baseball, Andrew. I’ve had about enough of your blinder wearing destruction of everything Red Sox prospect related today.
There is a god damned reason that every team the Red Sox have talked to are demanding that he’s part of the equation – it’s because they feel that he’s good.
I guess between Bowden, Ellsbury, Buchholz, Lars and whoever else you deem as “expendable” or “cast-offs” – Boston doesn’t have one single prospect or player worthy of any other team making a trade with them, but then on the other hand, Buchholz carries more value than a guy like Martinez? Which is it – is he not worth a prospect, or worth more than a all star major leaguer.
Please tell me what Boston could do that you think is a smart move, because at this point, you’ve found some kind of arguement to offset everything that’s been put out there.

I don’t know if you know, but Shelly Duncan is the equivalent of Jacoby Ellsbury.

Buchholz, Masterson, and Lowrie?
Why would SD ever make that trade? I mean, two bullpen arms and a third rate position player who should still be inthe miL?

John, they actually have a need for Duncan given Damon’s road and lefty struggles. They have that need even more than Hinske who they rightly haven’t allowed anywhere near 3B.

Why would SD ever make that trade?
They won’t. Not if it doesn’t include Westmoreland AND Kelly.

I’ll be so happy when this day is over, NY has given in to Toronto and take Rios and Halladay, and offered both 6 year extensions (with opt out clauses), and Boston moved for some player we’ve never heard of, and we get back to normal baseball.

Buchholz is one of the best pitching prospect in baseball
Not really. He may be in the top 20, given his advanced age for a “prospect”. The reason every team wants him is because he looks like an above average starter with 5 plus years of service time. That’s very valuable. Of all Sox, that makes him the most valuable given his proximity to his ceiling right now.

Ugh, I tune into ESPN online and get Steve Phillips blabbing.
Back to the interwebsites.

No, he has good value enough to get Victor Martinez and to front a deal for Halladay. An above average pitcher for five years is worth about $50 to 70 million. That’s very good. You just can’t assume he’s a #1 or #2, who’s worth twice that. But he does take hit because he’s about to turn 25. That means he’ll turn 30 just before he hits free agency.

I know what the Yankees need, I just don’t like Duncan, thus the title LFY. (h/t to SF who actually created LF_) I’d rather Sandy Duncan play the OF. (If she’s passed I apologize, I am not good with celebrities)

He’s not a prospect anymore. He hasn’t pitched well in the majors since 2007.
Carlos Santana is one of, if not the best catching prospect in the game after Wieters. He’s the future catcher in Cleveland. They’re not going to give him up for a guy who has only really proven he can struggle in the majors. Besides, Paul’s post suggested they could give him AND V-Mart up. That’s the real crock.
There is a lot of overvaluing of Sox prospects going on here. Buchholz, Masterson and Lowrie for A-Gon? No wonder the sides are far apart. Anderson and Kelly need to be in there as well.

What’s not to like about Duncan if you see what he is – righty bat against lefties and a barely adequate fielder?
That’s more valuable to this team than Hinske. Glad they finally realized it.

Hinske has the better part of the platoon, and the Yankees hit worse against righties this year. I’m with John – Shelley doesn’t really serve a purpose. They need a guy who can play center.

Heyman tweets “Tigers and Sox inquired about King Felix”. Is this the equivalent of me calling CAA and asking the receptionist if I can go out to dinner with Megan Fox?

They need a guy who can play center.
What’s wrong with Melky? His fangraphs have him rated as a very adequate CFer.

Brad, I meant they need an extra guy who can play center. You can’t just have a position with no one but emergency options behind it.

Hinske is part of what platoon? Why should he ever play over Damon or Matsui or even Swisher? He gives nothing they don’t already give especially because they’re smart enough not to play him at 3B.
I don’t see why they need a Patterson for emergencies. Melky is heating up again so he should be starting. Worst case they stick Swisher out there for an inning or two. But that’s only if something happens to Melky. You want to carry a guy who might get 10 ABs? At least there’s an argument for starting Duncan once or twice a week. There’s no reason to ever start Patterson.

The Yanks seem to like to sit Swisher every now and then to play Hinske against RHP. It’s not a terrible idea, and he’s certainly been very productive when they have played him.

Via Bob Nightengale Twitter feed:
The Red Sox are about to acquire Victor Martinez from Indians
6 minutes ago from web
Bob Nightengale

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