“Bring on the Sox!” says

“Bring on the Sox!” says Boomer. For the sake of YSFS, we agree, even if the A’s seem like the softer target right now, what with Mulder gone, Hudson ailing, and Zito working on short rest. Some issues: Pedro vs. Barry: the real question here is which of these two is going to hold up–Pedro after a 130 pitch effort, or Barry after the quick turnaround. “Cowboy Up”: They may wear red stockings, but last time I checked Massachussetts was a blue state, and well north of the Mason-Dixon. (Though it is, admittedly, somewhat amusing to imagine Pedro and Manny gathered around a campfire in chaps and Stetsons. And while we’re at it….has Theo been informed that it was not Trot but Jesus Chirst who “swung the bat” on that crucial homer’now that’s a free-agent pickup!

Posted by YF on 10/6/2003 03:49:25 PM

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