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We don’t take any joy in posting about Johnny Damon’s troubles (scratch that – we take a miniscule amount of joy, but that’s just because he’s a Yankee, not because he’s Johnny).  On the other hand, we like stirring the pot, so anyone who thinks that Damon’s shoulder troubles are related to the WBC is off their rocker.  Damon’s shoulder has been damaged for a long while now, and it came with the package.  He was shot up last year down the stretch, and this was a known factor in his physical makeup. I can’t wait for the continued rantings and ravings of some Yankees fans (and owners) complaining about that crazy throwing regimen that the US team employs and how that caused this.  Please.  Damon would be sitting on the pine in Fort Lauderdale [edit: Tampa] rehabbing if the WBC didn’t exist. Let’s not kid ourselves.

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  • A miniscule amount of joy? Now SF, I’m not a mind reader, but I would have to think that, considering that Johnny D. left your beloved Red Sox for the hated Yankees, that you and damn near every other Sox fan on the face of the earth would be absolutely delighted and beside yourselves with joy if Damon’s shoulder turned into a chronic problem that hampered him throughout his Yankee career, to the point that he turned into a big flop, and I really couldn’t blame you.
    Unless you have a different mindset than any other Sox fan I’ve heard comment on that little neanderthal, retarded, money-hungry, traitorous, Charlie Manson-looking, f-cking idiot.
    Now remember I’m kind of joking here, so don’t get mad at me again.
    Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Damon’s tender shoulder wasn’t a carryover from his shoulder troubles with the Sox last year. That’s reasonable.
    Finally, the Yankees spring training home is now in Tampa, no longer in Fort Lauderdale.

    whatever March 15, 2006, 9:59 pm
  • Finally, the Yankees spring training home is now in Tampa, no longer in Fort Lauderdale.
    That’s SF humor.

    johnny March 15, 2006, 11:12 pm
  • The Ft. Lauderdale reference was a screwup. At least I didn’t say that my Sox still play in Winter Haven since that might strain the credibility a tad bit more (if it’s not already as strained as Johnny’s shoulder!).

    SF March 16, 2006, 6:37 am
  • I really hope no one is dumb enough to blame it on the WBC. But wait, some are trying to be:
    “Cashman said definitively that the injury happened while Damon was with Team USA. Pain in the same shoulder hindered Damon late last season and it’s possible that the accelerated training program Team USA players went through exacerbated his condition.
    Cashman wouldn’t go as far as saying that the injury wouldn’t have happened if Damon had been with the Bombers, but a situation like this was exactly the scenario that George Steinbrenner and other Yankee officials feared when they opposed the WBC.”
    Today’s Daily News
    — as if tendonitis can be prevented in advance by designing a regimen for a condition that one is unsure of the severity.
    But so far, it seems that most of the dings are normal spring training injuries.

    lp March 16, 2006, 10:11 am
  • It’s all Buck Martinez’ fault. Still can’t figure out how he got the US WBC gig.
    So Sox fans, are you all going to hold on to your ridiculous grudge against Rocket and hope the US loses to MEX? Time to pick sides, The Nation or Country.

    Nate March 16, 2006, 11:39 am
  • I really hope no one is dumb enough to blame it on the WBC. But wait, some are trying to be
    Why “hope” that? This is such a black and white situation that no one can have a different opinion without being “dumb”?

    cash March 16, 2006, 12:26 pm
  • Time to pick sides, The Nation or Country.
    Oh, grow up. Some of us are rooting for good baseball.

    Earl March 16, 2006, 12:55 pm
  • Easy there, Earl. I’m the biggest supporter of the WBC and will be in attendance in SD. I thought I could get a little jab in on Sox Nation, but I forgot that 99% of them don’t have a sense of humor.

    Nate March 16, 2006, 1:08 pm
  • That’s 1% better than the lot of you Yankees fans.

    SF March 16, 2006, 1:23 pm
  • Nate – Sorry, my bad. Sadly, there is enough pro-USA rah-rah’ing in this tournament (I made it to a couple Anaheim games) that some people would’ve made that exact same comment completely seriously.
    (Also, when I said “rooting for good baseball” I of course meant “rooting for A-Rod to hit into a double play when the game is on the line, because I hate him with every fiber of my being.” I should’ve made that clearer.)
    Have fun in SD! I’m jealous.

    Earl March 16, 2006, 1:40 pm
  • I’m rooting for Tek to be able to come back to FL as soon as possible.
    Who else is going to remind Matt Clement to take his Flintstones chewable vitamins?
    Or calm down Wells?
    Or keep Schill off the computer games?

    rk March 16, 2006, 6:12 pm
  • I don’t blame the WBC for Damon’s shoulder. I think this is just par for the course. It wreaks of the 1980s — let’s spend big bucks on proven stars after they peak.
    If no one minds, I’ll go off and pout now.

    sandy March 17, 2006, 10:16 am

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