Burning Down the House

So the Boston Police are seeking charges against the clown who interfered with Sheffield as well as the beer-thrower down the row.  The Sox have revoked his season tickets, and it seems that due process is working.  The repeated video viewings seem to show that Christopher House, the perpetrator of this idiocy had, at least to the police’s eyes, malicious intent, and as far as I am concerned there seems to have been enough investigation to warrant these charges.  I respect the Sox’ actions as well (and in fact called for them even without considering the fans’ intent), and hopefully this will all be taken care of peacefully and systematically.  My first postings about this incident were understandably emotional, and about House’s intent I seem to have been wrong, so a mea culpa is in order.  However, I still stand by my contention that players must restrain themselves from going back at fans in almost any situation imaginable: it’s their responsibility to literally remain above the fray, to not lower themselves to the level of someone like Christoper House, whose actions leave a black mark, however small, on the legion of well-behaved fans who visit Fenway. 

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  • I thought Sheffield’s reaction was very restrained. Who doubts that if you slap a nutjob like Sheffield on the street that he would plant you head first 2 feet into the ground, and he would be guilty of nothing but self-defense? He pushed the guy back, he din’t throw a punch, just because Sheffield is unlikeable and over-paid does not give us the right to attack or throw things at him. Those fans are cowards, and should never be allowed to purchase tickets ever again, let alone for the rest of the season. Like wise any fan that interferes with the play on the field. If you can’t control yourself you shouldn’t be allowed in.

    Anonymous April 20, 2005, 1:27 pm
  • Oh and I almost forgot, we paid for Jaret Wright the same thing that we could have had Jon Leiber for. The same Jon Leiber who pitched his heart out in last years playoffs, didn’t always win but he showed heart and gave the Yankees a chance. He kind of reminded me of Andy Pettite, He was pretty much the only Yankee starting pitcher to show some B*&^! (rhymes with calls) in last year’s playoffs against the Sox. Anyone care to compare the stats between the two pitchers this year, even allowing an extra point added to the National Leaguers’ ERA? Who the F*&! is making the personell decisions? Why the F*&! would you hire someone to make these decisions for you if you ain’t gonna listen? Whomever made the decision last year to take Wright over Lieber should be fired right now if not sooner, and if it was Steinbrenner’s call he should hafta sell the team. I’m dead serious. All Yankee fans should stop going to the games until this is figured out. All the Yankee starters looked scared s*&!less out there except for Lieber and we bring in Wright (could he look more unsure and scared out there?) to replace him? I’m not overreacting, Randy Johnson hasn’t done well but he still has his confidence, he’s still not going down without a fight.
    Boycott the Yankees.

    Anonymous April 20, 2005, 2:26 pm
  • Who knew that John Lieber’s mom was a commenter on our site? Welcome, Mrs. Lieber!

    SF April 20, 2005, 2:39 pm
  • Okay, a mea culpa from SF, the goofball fan is bounced from Fenway, and Sheff is off scott free.
    Now can we all move on? Next one to sanctimoniously comment on this answers to Sheff.

    YF April 20, 2005, 10:33 pm

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