With friends like these….

We can’t help but love this nugget discovered over the weekend deep in the YF archives:

Current Red Sox advisor Bill James on current Red Sox manager Terry Francona, from James’s Baseball Book 1990: “What a worthless player….what is it exactly that Francona does?” Ouch!

Elsewhere we can read about the “typical Bosoxian blend of egotism, recrimination, and out and out crybabyism….the Sox play in a park that seems to increase self-centeredness as surely as it increases batting averages.” (This last bit was contributed to the book by Mike Kopf.)

Did the Boston media pick this up way back when?

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  • I think we all knew Francona was a worthless player – how insightful a piece of analysis was that? It’s too bad James didn’t pipe in that he thought he’d make a worthless manager someday too – that would have been a heck of a lot more helpful.
    As for your question about what the media may or may not have picked up regarding Mr. James and/or Bosox solipsism, I think you must know that there has always been a Fenway reputation for exactly what Kopf points out, going all the way back to the first half of the century, Ted Williams as the most famous example. This is hardly a masterful insight, though pretty simplistic. Surely you can be more clever with unearthing insults, YF, can’t you?
    But even Bill James and his writing staff should know that Fenway as a hitters’ park may be something of an urban myth. There’s a tenuous connection between the architecture and the ego, at the very least. A stronger suggestion would be to look at the longstanding organizational ethos of coddling and look-awayism, famously promoted by Tom Yawkey.

    SF July 6, 2004, 7:36 am

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