Calling All Psychotherapists

I am not normally one to spill the beans on the details of my somnolent happenings, but last night I had a very strange dream and I am looking for some help.  The dream, after the jump.

I am playing second base for the Red Sox.  We’re playing the Yankees, but not in any recognizable stadium.  In fact, it’s almost like an A-ball field, with a massive screen right behind home, no upper tier, and a steep and deep overhang covering one level of seats ringing the infield, no bleachers.  The field is also bizarrely dotted with cast iron poles, each of which is capped by a television monitor broadcasting the actions on the field. I take the field, and I am wearing two mitts.  Playing first base is Curt Schilling, strangely, and instead of lobbing the usual grounders to his fellow infielders during warmups it looks like he’s throwing coins.  When it’s my turn, I have to chase down an Eisenhower silver dollar, and the throw back to Schill ends up curving expectedly and rolling away into foul ground.  It’s obviously hard to throw a coin 60 feet wearing a glove.  The game starts, and Bernie Williams leads off.  He hits a flare over first base, and clearly it looks like I am going to have to make a spectacular catch to get Bernie.  I dive, in foul territory, but the ball eludes me.  I get up, wipe the dirt off my chest, and return to my spot in the field, at which point I begin watching the replay on the televisions on the cast iron poles.  At this point the dream goes into a kind of loop, and I stand, in the field, watching the replay of my missed catch on the foul ball from multiple angles.  At this point I wake up.

It’s not exactly an "I’m on the Red Sox team plane and we all go down in a fiery crash near Spuyten Dyvil" type-thing (if I had one of those I wouldn’t be needing any outside advice), so I am curious to know what people think.  What can it possibly mean?

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  • The craziest part of the dream is that Bernie is leading off. WTF is Torre thinking?
    Dream interpretation from various perspectives:
    Freud: Schillings’ coin tossing is an expression of your overwhelming penis envy for the man. Without becoming too vulgar (this is a site for kids as well), Curt is cavalierly tossing esatz pubic hair your way from the region of his body you so wish to have. You’re a sick puppy.
    RD Laing: This is a rational reaction to an irrational world. Things are running amuck in Beantown as evidenced by recent events that portend doom and fiery chaos (Kapler’s Achilles, Bullpen anger, Clements disintegration). The inclusion of televisions in the stadium is your attempt to offer your beloved team an opportunity to organize the chaos through self-reflection. You are literally turning their performance on themselves. Your team’s ontological crisis might be fixed by the ability to see itself.
    Schilling: Your liberal guilt is worthless. Join the dark force. Join Bush. Take my coins (a Republican president is emblazined on them).
    Joyce: This is merely the ineluctable modality of the visible. Deal.

    Nick September 16, 2005, 1:25 pm
  • Brilliant, Nick.

    SF September 16, 2005, 2:05 pm
  • No Jung, Nick?

    YF September 16, 2005, 3:17 pm

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