Carston Charles In Charge: Jays-Yanks Gamer III

Sabathia vs. Norris, who should so be a Texas Ranger. Instead, his bluegrass roots are with the Blue Jays, who are no longer a threat to go undefeated over a 162 game season, but watch for them Royals! Comment away.

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  • CC is finished.

    As if there was any doubt.

    Plus with the Jays scoring 4 runs already, it’s clearly over.

    krueg April 9, 2015, 7:36 pm
  • 2nd and 3rd no outs.

    Tex, Chase, Young.


    2016 Yankees. Same as the 2015 Yankees. Same as the 2014 Yankees.


    krueg April 9, 2015, 8:18 pm
  • Where did everybody go?

    Imbillmcneal April 10, 2015, 11:19 pm
  • Well, I can only speak for myself…but we are hot garbage. Have been going on 3 years so there’s nothing really to talk about.

    You guys should have a good season though. Enjoy that. I will be patiently waiting for the NHL draft to see if the Sabres get McDavid or Eichel. :)

    krueg April 11, 2015, 10:05 am
  • No gamers for the rivalry? Where is everybody indeed?

    Sox up 2-1 in the 5th after yesterday’s marathon. No rest for the old guys with A-Rod playing first!

    pale blue eyes April 11, 2015, 2:32 pm
  • I am starting to look at baseball prospects to see who we might get in the Top 5 next year…

    krueg April 11, 2015, 2:49 pm
  • Why is this still only a 2-1 game?

    pale blue eyes April 11, 2015, 3:02 pm

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