Cash Tops Theo

We don’t know who called it, or whether it came up heads or tails, but our man Cash was victorious in the coin toss to determine home field advantage for a would-be playoff game for the divisional championship, should the Sox and Yanks end the season tied.

A fair way to make this decision? Should it be based on head-to-head record? We all remember what happened last time these two met in one of these babies—so maybe it just doesn’t matter.

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  • Bear in mind that these playoffs will only happen if one team would be out of the post-season if they were to lose. In the Yankees/Sox case, there’s almost no chance that would happen, so the AL East champion would be determined by head-to-head record.
    Baseball Prospectus’ post-season probabilities page shows the Sox and Yanks as pretty much mortal locks to make the post-season. It would take an epic collapse by both the Yankees and the Red Sox… There is about a 0.64751% chance that the wild card will come from the AL West.
    It’s the NL Wild Card that’s causing MLB officials to wake up screaming. So many possibilities for ties, and even a remote chance at a six-way tie.
    Also, did you notice the Giants won every single coin toss?

    Clay September 16, 2004, 2:08 pm

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