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Catch A Tigger: Tigers-Yanks Gamer

AJ Burnett faces Detroit for the first time this season, while les Tigres send Luke “Larouche” French, whose lanky lefty delivery has proved effective so far in the results column but has allowed a fair number of base runners.

Ball is back, comment away.

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Hughes is getting kind of ridiculous out of the pen. His fastball is up as much as 5mph (several 97mph ones last night), his curve and change are still great and made even better by the increased contrast with the fastball and his control has been pinpoint. He struck out 6 in 2 innings last night and in 19 innings of relief he’s sporting an ERA just above 0.90.
As for the rest of the game, Detroit’s errors were timely for the Yanks and costly for the Tigers; Damon and Posada need to learn to run over a catcher when the ball is arriving milliseconds before they do (Posada has never done this); and Burnett yet again found a way to squeeze a “quality” start out of a pretty complete lack of control all night. He definitely knows how to scuffle when he has to – I just wish he didn’t have to so often.

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