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Catchup: Twins-Yanks Gamer II

The Yankees are already down by a run in the second on this early game. Joba and Blackburn. Comment away.

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I hate Saturday afternoon games…blacked out in stupid Memphis and even if they are on Fox I get the damn Cardinals.
Looks like Teixeira is getting sick of me talking shit about him…double and a 3 run bomb!!! Nice.

It would be awesome if ARod could hit a huge HR once in awhile…I mean, if Morneau better than him? Really? At this point, yes, yes he is.

1-2-3 for Ace!!! Great job! Now…we need a fucking run. Mauer and the Canuck are due up so QUIT SCREWING AROUND!!! Does Teixeira have to do everything around here??? Yes, because ARod and Swish follow him and they are worthless…

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