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The Lasting Cultural Impact of the American Jewish Deli

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Everyone knows that what’s really important today is the food that you get to eat. We are having a chicken wing buffet, five different styles of wings available for choosing. Also corn dogs beignets. Owning a deep fryer is a dangerous thing in so many ways. Oh yes, we’ll watch the game too, but I really honestly could not care less who wins. Chow time. What are you eating?

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Dim Sum Détente


So how do two jewish guys from opposite sides of the baseball fan universe work things out?  They eat pork. Lots of it.  YF and I (along with both families) headed to Sunset Park this weekend to smooth out the rivalrous tension, and also to fill our bellies. We may disagree about baseball, but we both agree that cheap, bountiful chinese food is a key to happiness.  More pics after the jump.

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Times' food critic Frank Bruni hits both New York ballparks, rates the chow, and emerges pretty unsatisfied. Though it sounds like the eats are a mixed bag, Danny Meyer seems to at least prove that mass quantity food can be served with excellent attention to quality (Shake Shack, duh), though Bruni takes him to task for the predictable thirty minute wait.  Frank should know that's only five minutes longer than we waited at Yankee Stadium on Day 2 for a bleepin' Nathan's hot dog, so this blogger isn't inclined to pin this only on this one proprietor.

It sounds like with a little focus, some re-jiggered recipes, and a little editing, the new parks can provide some quality niche products for those who want more than the traditional hot dog.  Which, full disclosure, is our own preference.
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How Many Days Until Pitchers and Catchers?

Just when you think you can deal with the cold winter days and no baseball, along comes a video like this to make Spring seem like it is years away.  Enjoy.

(h/t Gizmodo)