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One Man Wolf Pack


Ben Henry and Mike Kenny, proprietors of the Baseball Card Blog (and authors of the great “Casey at the Bat” project) have hit the genius well once again and we can’t wait to see more of these (thumbnail above – be sure to surf through though, the site is fantastic).

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Tyler Has Some Bookmarks

When I picked up the paper this morning and opened up the Times' SportsTuesday section, I was struck by a story on the attention paid to the homers flying out at YS2.5.  It wasn't because of the content, which, typical of Tyler Kepner, is very good, but rather because in the first seven paragraphs Kepner cites as the main sources of his story two very different but significant baseball websites, Greg Rybarczyk's hittracker Steve Lombardi's waswatching.  As the Times threatens to shutter the Globe, and as old media wonders how the hell to make money in the new media world, this story shows that blogs are doing yeoman's work and providing key analysis and news outside the bounds of typical news gathering methods.  Though we who traffic these sites know this and therefore this assertion may sound uncontroversial, to see two such websites cited on the front page of the Times sports section as his sources by the Yankees' beat writer is a verification and validation of the strengths and speed of the minds (kudos to Greg and Steve) working solely within our own chosen medium.  

Times, and the Times, are-a-changing.*

*now, how do they make money off this?