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Sorry, I Am Having Trouble Connecting To The Network: Beermakers-Cards Gamer V

Apple's servers are slammed with everybody trying their new toys, me included.  I would watch baseball, but I don't have TBS, so no senior circuit action for me tonight unless I head over to a friends house.  "Siri, who's my best friend?"

"Sorry, you have no social network either.  And you have halotosis.  Please don't hold me so close to your reeking maw."

Comment away on your Friday night action, or lack thereof.  Come back, Siri.  I promise things will be different this time.  I will brush and maybe even floss!


How I Spent My Morning

Clicking reload repeatedly only to be disappointed by the showing of Apple and the iPhone.  That's what I'll be experiencing with the Yankees and AJ tonight.