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CC Will Make This By Next July

Lester extended, reportedly.

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Theo should really be commended for locking up the three young stars on this team long term for the money that he did. All, at this time anyhow, are excellent signings. Cashman should try to work out the same style deal with Joba after this year.

Cashman should try to work out the same style deal with Joba after this year.
Not going to happen. They want all six years to evaluate a player. It’s wrong IMO, but that’s the way it is. It was that way with Jeter, Bernie, Mo, and Jorge. Cano was novel and based on how that worked, they won’t be repeating it, especially not with a young pitcher. They’d rather pay “market value” after six years than worry about getting a deal before that.
The other problem with contracts to young pitchers is if they lose just one year to injury, then most, if not all, of the savings is quickly lost. That’s the very real risk, especially with Lester throwing so many innings in 2008 as compared to 2007 (+76 or +40%). But if I’m the Sox, or Yanks, why not? They can both afford risks of that type, especially with kids of proven track records.

I agree Rob, but on the flip, the problem with not signing them is that all of the savings is lost. Every single penny of savings that you could have had three or four years before is now gone, and on the market, and probably going to the highest bidder. Now, in NY’s case, that’s not an issue since they’re normally the highest bidder anyhow, so I agree with your assessment of letting it play out with Joba – he doesn’t have the year that Lester has in his pocket yet. They’d be smart to make sure he stay’s healthy for a full year of pitching.

Yeah, considering Joba’s arm worries I don’t think it’s outrageous to wait a little longer. If he puts up a good season and isn’t injured at all then I could see them extending him next offseason.

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