Changes at the Top: The New YFSF

Opening Day is a time for a new beginnings, and we’re proud to announce one of our own. As our handsome new banner indicates, we’ve made a subtle change to our identity. Henceforth, this site will be known simply as YFSF. This is a lot cleaner than our ungainly our old locution, which was a bear to spell out and a challenge to other sites that link here. Regular readers know it’s always been how we refer to ourselves. (Think of Trans World Airlines morphing into TWA.) We also feel a lot more comfortable with the “vs” out of our name. While the site originated as an email exchange and then public airing of debate between a Yankee and Red Sox fan, it has developed into something encompassing more than just baseball’s greatest rivalry. We believe in the dialectic process, but the kind of debate we foster here transcends a tawdry “us vs. them” mentality in favor of an objective, open-minded, and thoughtful analysis. YFSF will still be devoted to the rivalry and its protagonists (though not exclusively; the change in title suggests the expansive purview that has always characterized the site), but we all write here and we hope you visit precisely because it is better than the typical zero-sum Yankees-Red Sox material found elsewhere on the web and in the broader media. So YFSF it is from here on. Welcome to the new YFSF, the same as the old YFSF, but not quite.

Incidentally, in order to see our new banner you may have to force your browser to reload this page and/or clear your history/cache.

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  • The official name change makes sense.
    (As a designer, I have to say the logo would be better without the black outline. If it needs embellishment, a faint shadow or else a partial shadow line might be better.)

    Hudson March 31, 2008, 10:29 am
  • So the URL will be changing to YFSF? That’s great, because the old one was certainly annoying to find when on a public computer. Cheers, to new beginnings!

    Atheose March 31, 2008, 10:33 am
  • url stays the same for the moment. working on that.

    YF March 31, 2008, 10:37 am
  • Thanks for the critique Hudson; I think I’ll always consider our banner a work-in-progress. There was some discussion about the keyline. We felt the type needed an extra punch, and this is both something we had done in the past and a standard “baseball” design theme. The over-arching design concept of the site is that it reads like a (flat) newsheet, and so we avoid drop-shadow techniques as they suggest dimensional space. Anyway, it might not be perfect, but it wasn’t inconsidered. Special props to The Gerb, our chief design and technical guru, for making it all happen. We really can’t thank him enough for what he does behind the curtain to make this place look great and run smoothly.

    YF March 31, 2008, 10:59 am

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