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Channeling Scott Boras

And the fumes of a world championship filter all the way to our beloved shortstop’s medium-sized brain. Maybe Cabrera should go to law school and become an agent, what with the hyperbole! I know it feels good, but come on, Orlando.

Said Cabrera: “The Boston Red Sox are the greatest team in the history of baseball. Now, we’re going to dominate the league.”

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SCOTT BORAS – Please Stop! Enough with the Beltran stuff and killing baseball. I am from New York and I would rather see Beltran stay an Astro just to save the game. Astros are offering a lot and greed is never good. Just take the Astro deal and convince your player (Beltran) that winning a championship for a contender is much more exciting and rewarding then winning one for the empire!
Baseball is a joke and you know it. It’s a joke because of the players union and agents that have found a way to make too much money off of greed.
Let’s stop. You have made enough money. Let’s think about the game. In fact, Beltran will be happier in Houston anyways. Money can’t buy him good friends he already has.

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