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Chasing The Sun: Yanks-Jays Gamer

Greetings, weekend readers. As I sit in Rochester International waiting for a delayed plane to take me to points west, I have had time to catch up on baseball happenings for the past few days. I missed Rivera’s 601st save last night, which was quite all right by me as I was occupied with family at a delightful dinner, but it did occur to me that watching Rivera close is one of those things as a fan that has become such a part of my experience of the game it is hard for me to imagine the day when it will no longer be the case. The opportunity to enjoy something special, especially those things that at a glance may seem quite ordinary was poignantly in parallel to my current reflection upon farewells bid to family this morning after a brief visit.

The Yankees play in Toronto, with Freddy Garcia and Brandon Morrow on the mound. Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
B. Gardner cf .262
E. Nunez 2b .254
R. Cano dh .305
A. Rodriguez 3b .287
N. Swisher rf .261
E. Chavez 1b .271
R. Martin c .234
C. Dickerson lf .333
R. Pena ss .074
F. Garcia 3.71
M. McCoy ss .209
E. Thames lf .260
J. Bautista rf .304
A. Lind dh .255
E. Encarnacion 1b .277
K. Johnson 2b .240
B. Lawrie 3b .300
C. Rasmus cf .216
J. Molina c .293
B. Morrow 5.23

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This team looks about as energetic as I feel having just returned from running the girls all over the Bronx Zoo. In other words, they look freaking exhausted. Good thing they get to relax with 8 games in 7 days once they gett home. Ugh.

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