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Chef D’Oeuvre

Perhaps one of our favorite works of contemporary art of the past year is this greeting card shown at LAND, the creative outpost of the League Treatment Center in our home neighborhood of DUMBO. This simple piece brought a huge smile to our face on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The caption, if you can't discern, reads "Marilyn Manson, Hillary Duff, Mariah Carey, and Derek Jeter in Goth would like to wish you a Happy Birthday". That is quite an infield. As well as a work of artistic genius and immense humor.

Someone get Hallmark on the line.

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Awesome. There is a similar place in San Francisco called Creativity Explored. It’s in the Mission. I have a shirt with a portait of Clint Eastwood as a cowboy smoking. The drawing is sort of like a Terry Gilliam piece. It’s great.

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