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You can’t even have Dice-K become the long-man, his pitch count would be around 70 before he pitched three innings.

Seriously? Because all of your starting pitchers (except the one that throws a whiffleball) are vastly underperforming. What’s his job if not to keep them right?

And what about the lights-out bullpen? Firing Farrell would be idiotic, in particular based on the fact that the season is barely 1/4 over.

Even if the Sox’s pitching underperforms the entire season, Farrel should not be fired. What is it with firing coaches? Remember the “Fire Kevin Long” cry from everyone last year? Somehow, the Yankees have scored the second-most runs in the league this year under his horrible management.

Yeah, I think players tune out coaches. Four pitchers is a trend.
Bullpens are always hit or miss. Ask the Yankees of 2008 (who had two hitters underperform).

Rob – not necessarily. The Red Sox have the fourth-worst defense in the majors this season, which is contributing to Lester’s and Beckett’s crappy numbers. Beckett is normalizing, his FIP is in the mid-3 range. Dice-K, that had nothing to do with the pitching coach. He overdid it in the WBC and his fastball isn’t the same. And Brad Penny – what can you expect? He was never that good of a pitcher, and he’s worse now.
Wakefield certainly isn’t underperforming.

*clap clap clapclapclap*
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Andrew’s right on about the Red Sox’ defense the combo of Lugo/Green and Lowell on the left side is hideous to watch, and even more hideous (I imagine) to pitch in front of. The Sox used to have one of the best infield defenses in baseball because Lugo was league average at short (good range, poor arm) and Lowell was spectacular. Now both have leg problems that have limited their range to basically falling over in one direction or the other. Yuck.
Meanwhile, if you bame Ferrell for the struggles this year, doesn’t he deserve credit for Lester’s and Matsuzaka’s breakthroughs last season? And discounting the work of the bullpen would make more sense if the Sox were receiving terrific performances out of nowhere, but they are receiving terrific performances from pitchers with good track records — one of whom, Delcarmen, has essentially come into his own under Farrell’s tutelage.

Lester has a 4.46 FIP. That’s well below his talent. Sure, Dice-K might still be hurt, but then he’s only gotten worse under Farrell (he’s peripherals show a marked decline from his first year). And Beckett is very inconsistent. (Wakefield doesn’t need a pitching coach.)
I think players tune out coaches. And I think that’s already happened. Just an observation but the Sox aren’t pitching the way they’re capable of. I don’t know if that’s anyone’s fault. But if we can’t evaluate a pitching coach under these circumstances, then when can we?

One thing that’s interesting that the numbers don’t really show is that Lester has been fantastic in most of his starts, with the exception of one inning. He looked unhittable yesterday hitting the corners with his cutter, but in the 5th he just sort of imploded.
There you can see opponents are OPS’ing .582 in the 3rd, .696 in the 4th, and then 1.328 in the 5th. Then after that it’s .635 in the 6th, and .522 in the 7th. I don’t know if it has anything to do with his endurance, but he always seems to implode in the 5th. And his command is always the culprit: his slider and cutter that tail away from lefties suddenly get left high in the middle of the zone.

“fire Farrell” after 40+ games doesn’t even really warrant a counterargument. It’s reactionary, and in this case nothing but an attempt to rabble-rouse. Set to “ignore”.

Holy potatoes, the Sox play at 1:10! The baseball gods have answered my prayers to make this horribly slow day go by faster.

First, I did not hear this. I am repeating what I am told right now by Dale and Holley …
Schilling this morning on the (despicable) Dennis and Callahan Show on WEEI apparently said that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the Red Sox go with a 6-man rotation this summer. He also said, according to Dale Arnold, that it was discussed in earnest by the Red Sox brass last year, and that had he been healthy enough to pitch last year, he would have been a part of a 6-man rotation.
I have been unable to get to his 38 Pitches blog to see if he further writes about this.

No, that’s not what it was. I wouldn’t have brought it up unless I thought I saw a pattern. Obviously you guys don’t see what I’m seeing. But the fact remains that every Sox starting pitcher not throwing a wiffleball is struggling. Defense may be a part of that, but it’s not the only part.
Okay, if 40 games are the metric you’re worried about, when does it become a legitimate question? 80 games? 162 games? Next year? When?

Like I’ve said, I think players start to tune out coaches. As it was, Farrell was an unconventional choice. Maybe he doesn’t know how to change his methods? The results speak for themselves. I wouldn’t have brought it up if it was just one or two pitchers. Sure, that could be a fluke. In which case, I’m sure the pitching coach is all over all of the problems and they’ll be fixed soon enough.
Sheesh. I’ll let it drop.

Becket is turning it around after a rough start.
Lester struggled similarly at the start of last season. And he rebounded.
Dice-K is being the same Dice-K we came to dread in his first two seasons. He nibbles and drives you nuts, only he’s MORE frustrating. We don’t know now much the WBC has affected that.
Wakefield has been tremendous, and I have no idea how much of Farrell’s influence is a part of that.
Penny has been pretty good lately after a rough start.
The bullpen has been FANTASTIC.
Blaming Farrell is too easy and a cop out.

That said, Rob, I’m not gonna take offense at the mere mention.
Everything is on the table on this site.
We post ideas, and we agree or we shoot it down. Who’s to say who’s being more objective? Hell, we all could be rationalizing.
I’ve posted a billion times that I think Girardi is the wrong guy for the job, and that I think Chamberlain is a ticking time bomb. I have my reasons. No one says you have to agree with me.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Sox go to a 6-man rotation.
1. Beckett
2. Lester
3. Daisuke
4. Wakefield
5. Smoltz
6. Buchholz
I think the assumption was that Wakefield would totally crap the bed, and that hasn’t been the case. If they don’t go to the 6-man, then what do they do? Keep Buchholz at AAA? Put Smoltz in the bullpen? This is all assuming that Penny disappears.

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