Clash of the…Titans? Sox-Tigers Gamer III

I’ll bet when ESPN signed up for this game, they imagined a tension-filled battle between division leaders.  They were half-right…Detroit is 8 games above .500 and has a positive run differential…of +11 (the Jays: +43, the A’s: +128).  The Red Sox are in 4th in the East and at -18 (a bit behind the Orioles, a bit ahead of the Yankees).

Notwithstanding the relatively tepid state of both teams, the pitching matchup is promising, with Sanchez taking on Lackey.  Will the Red Sox be swept again?  Probably.  But stay tuned and find out.

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  • Jesus Christ, David Ortiz!

    Or am I just repeating myself?

    Devine June 8, 2014, 11:33 pm

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