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Class Act, er, I mean, Class Clown

Do we need any more proof that this guy is a complete pr*ck?

Clemens continues to rack up embarrassing run-ins with other human beings.

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I can’t help but think of the brilliant SNL sketch in which angry dad Frank Henderson (Will Ferrell), drinking a beer at a 10:30 am Little League game, repeatedly demands that his son Brandon, taking perhaps too large a lead at first base, “Get on the bag….Get on the damn bag….BRANDON, GET ON THE DAMN BAG OR I WILL CHAIN YOU TO A PIPE IN A CRAWLSPACE.”

This is just sad. A ten-and-under league? Yikes. Most parents that do this are at least living vicariously through their kids, as sad as that is. But what the hell is Roger’s excuse?

Did you guys read the article? It sounds to me like a young ump was trying to strut his stuff. It didn’t seem to me that RC did anything wrong. This appears to me to be pure bullshit. What are you jumping on him for. Read the article and tell me if you still think he has anything to be embarrased about. I certainly don’t, other than the fact that he takes time off to participate in his kids sports activities. And Huston signed him knowing that was the deal.

My impression from that story and others, and of course this might be wrong, is that Rocket tried to push the boundaries of what thought he could get away with. He spits a seed at an ump’s shoe figuring that maybe the ump wouldn’t notice, or that maybe the ump wouldn’t notice who dunnit, and that even if he did the young ump would be reluctant to run a legend.
Tsk. Tsk.

Indeed, the story is getting a lot more press than it deserves, but that’s only because Rocket’s got a rep for being a hothead, and this little incident fits the profile.
The media are going nuts, and because Roger is such a fat-faced whore (even Yankee fans have figured this out by now), I for one and happy to pile on.

From “Weird but True” section of today’s Post: “Beantown has a surefire way to make driving a more pleasant experience – happy faces. Officials in Boston just approved special license plates with the famous ‘smiley face’ design to help ‘eliminate road rage for all time'”.
A smiley face on the green monster should be next.
P.S. I apologize to SF for previous criticism of Sox fans.

That Will Ferrell sketch is the best. Good comic little league parent t-shirt idea: have that Brandon line printed on the shirt.

The article I read before, on yahoo I believe, made it seem like he ran on the field. The way this one reads, the ump was trying to show Roger up. Who knows what the real story is?

We don’t know the real story, but we do know that the accused has a history of spitting on umps after questionable calls (Terry Cooney, 1990 playoffs), beaning opponents (too many to count) when they do well against him, and chucking splintered bats at unsuspecting baserunners after weak grounders. I know where I’d put my money…

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