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In their never-ending quest to piece together a starting rotation, the Yankees have signed former (very, very former) AL Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal. 

Colon went from winning the Cy Young in 2005 to making more than 12 appearances in a season only once since then.  Rumors are that something happened during that 2005 campaign that mortally wounded Colon's psyche and confidence.  Maybe his return to the Bronx is part of a 12-step process in his recovery.  If so, let's hope it's step # 12 and he can fill a gap for the Yanks other than the one on the trainer's table.  Hope springs eternal.

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Wipe that smile off your face, lol…There’s no way he breaks camp with the Yankees. I mean this move (at least to me) seems like they are trying to bring in some veteran presence on the cheap with hopes to kill some spring innings and maybe just maybe be a positive influence on the young guys. It’s a minor league deal with a provision that he can opt out if he doesn’t make the big club.

I disagree John – I believe there is no way they make this signing in a world in which they have a set rotation. They are doing this on the off-, off-, off-chance that he shows something and can fill a role. Hell, even a long-relief role. They are already stocked in the back of the bullpen and are gathering bodies (in this case, a particularly large body) to eat up some of the other innings along the way. While I very much doubt he’ll provide much, I’m sure the Yanks’ FO does too. But I still think they made the move in the hope that he might just surprise them and for no other reason.

I would imagine that goes without saying though IH. If he’s good then sure he can break camp, but ask yourself 2 questions: One, what are the chances he is in fact good and two, who is he replacing on the current roster? If I was a betting man I’d put money on the fact his luggage never makes it out of Tampa. Just my opinion though.

Didn’t see this thread when I posted on the Hash-man thread, but the Yankees also signed Warner Madrigal, famous for his debut when he wound up with a 162 era (not era+) after his first game, which happened to be against the Yankees. Interesting plot device change. Formerly, the Yankees signed pitchers that challenged(or destroyed) them (Rocket, Brown, Unit, Pavano, AJ) and met with varying levels of disappointment. Now they’ve switched it up and signed pitchers that the Yankees either had moderate success against (or that they devastated) at one point or another, and who are hanging on to the league by a thread. I wonder if Andy Ashby is making a comeback.

Ha! Good one John. Very true.
Re: Colon, I know you know what I was saying – was just speaking to why I believe Brad is smiling. This move is simply another indication that the Yankees are indeed desperate for pitching, and I imagine any desperation in Yankeeland brings smiles to SFs everywhere. That’s cool – at least we have a gold-glove-winning shortstop ;)

Yet the SF’s on here picking apart every move were the same ones defending the Cameron/Bill Hall/Lackey moves last season…i think there were more but i really dont care so… :)
Hot Stove time is about the only time most haters can really talk smack about the Bombers. Once the season starts, they are all dust beneath our feet!!!

Signing John Lackey and Mike Cameron are not in any way equivalent to signing Bartolo Colon.
Whose last appearance in the rivalry, by the way, was jumping ship to the Dominican Republic when the Red Sox asked him to pitch in relief during the 2008 postseason.

defending the Cameron/Bill Hall/Lackey moves last season.
Huh? Both Lackey and Hall played well for Boston last year (do we need to revisit that again?, and to boot, the Sox weren’t paying Bill Hall. How are either of those bad moves – or even remotely close to Bartolo Colon?
That offensive line jab is a classic.
I liken this to when the Sox were signing Smoltz and others, and we all defended them as no risk moves, while Yankee fans all piled on about the desperation it reeked of.
Let’s not forget which shoe everyone was wearing in that offseason.
I’m not laughing at the Yankees…in fact, I remember how it feels to hear of another washed up guy being signed to miL and ML contracts. It sucks, but there’s no risk here.
Just smiling is all.

In all fairness, and just having fun:
If Yankee fans learned that they added Jones, Prior and Colon to their team in the same offseason, they would do backflips.
In 2000:)

“Signing John Lackey and Mike Cameron are not in any way equivalent to signing Bartolo Colon.”
Exactly, Colon is a depth, after-thought, take-a-flier that the dude might be able to pitch to the #5 that has exactly zero effect on whether or not we make the playoffs. Cameron/Lackey/Hall had an effect on said playoff making for the Sox last year and were defended as good moves by many…

Colon actually pitched well for the Sox that year. As a baseball move, I have no problems with this. But like Brad says (and as someone else — IH maybe? — mentioned in one of the projection threads), this smells strongly like the 2008-09 offseason in reverse.

Lackey was better than Every NY pitcher except CC after the break. I don’t see the downside or argument here. I resign Lackey right now, and so would every other SF. Same with Bill Hall. He was a very welcome player on that squad – especially when Mil was paying him.
Listen, I get it: I spent weeks defending Jon Smoltz and Brad Penny. I know how you’re feeling. All upside moves, right? Until they’re actually playing baseball. I think Bartolo probably wins that last spot, which is probably a good thing for you guys. He’s experienced, has been in big games, knows how to pitch, ect. Wait…that’s just me describing Jon Smoltz again.

I recently heard C.C. Sabathia doing a spot for Subway. Coulda knocked me over with a bag of Baked Lays. Maybe Subway will sign up Bartolo, too. Not to mention Jenks.

Barstool Colon dressed up as Rex Ryan for Halloween. All he had to do was get a Jets hoodie and a headset, the rest took care of itself.

yeah, you can chalk this up as one of those nothing to lose types of moves…how to describe it depends on your team allegiance i suppose…yankee fans are going to say, what the heck, cashman’s throwing poop at the wall to see which of it might stick…no big deal…while sox fans want to make fun, perched in their superior position of al east and ws favorites, and refer to this as desperation born out of weakness and uncertainty…truth is, we’re probably both right…i’m with those who think that he probably won’t make any impact, but i’ve been wrong before…i never thought pedroia would be much of a ballplayer either…

The Yankees had a ‘full rotation’ last year and still they signed crap like Dustin Moseley and kept Sergio Mitre around. Why is the same exact situation called ‘desperation’ now when they do the same exact thing every single year?
Come on, guys. It’s akin to the Sox signing Tug Hulett last year. Yet I didn’t see any stupid ‘desperation’ comments. In fact, I think these sorts of signings get praise as ‘depth moves’ from the same sorts of people.
Both groups are wrong. They’re inconsequential moves every single team makes because it does zero harm for the very small chance of little reward. Like spending a piece of pocket lint for a chance to win a quarter.

Here is why I don’t think Colon ever makes it out of Florida…
If the Yankees were really looking to add someone to compete for the 5th spot then why not go with someone from the Duchsherer, Bonderman, etc…group? I think the fact that they only had to sign him to a ML deal speaks volumes about what he’s actually there for. I think this is solely a spring training move with consideration and room for a miracle if Colon is lights out, but that’s it. Again it all comes back to who are the Yankees keeping of the roster for Bartolo Colon?
I am starting to get slightly optimistic in re: to Pettitte. I really believe that if he was a definite NO the Yankees would have already made a more substantial move than Bartolo Colon and a ML deal. By substantial I mean someone that would be asking for a MLB contract as opposed to someone willing to take a ML contract. I am not saying he’s coming back (I will leave that for Morgan Ensberg) I am only saying if he had shut the door completely they would have taken a different course of action.

I don’t know if that’s true, John. The only ‘different’ course of action they could have taken would be signing a pitcher out of the Duch, Millwood, Bonderman group.
They still can, and probably will, because even if Pettitte comes back, the Yankees can just send Nova to the bullpen in a swingman type role. Nova as a 6th starter is better than Nova as a 5th starter.

Andy not making a decision hasn’t stopped them from anything. I am on record saying that already. What I am saying is if they thought the answer was a definite no they would have signed a guy (or 2) to a ML contract as opposed to a MIL contract like Colon. You are right, they can still sign Pettitte and one of those guys, but right now they’d get the guy they prefer. This is more about Colon being a filler and flier than anything else in my eyes. The Pettitte thing is just speculation on my part due in part to Morgan Ensberg’s comments.

Apparently, the Yankees are more optimistic about Pettitte’s return this week (after several weeks of pessimism). Who knows, but that’s what’s being reported, anyway.

You couldn’t get me to bet a single dollar on Pettitte retiring. Not even by giving me crazy odds.
I may end up being wrong, and he may go the Gil Meche route, but I seriously doubt it. I think this guy is a big phony and will be back in pinstripes, have some sort of press conference where he “aw-shucks” his way through some family tale of consternation, having just signed a contract worth millions and millions of dollars.

I’m not going to disagree with the idea that Pettitte might be a very big phony in his real life. There is the whole HGH thing and the weird excuses he came up with (dad’s medicine), and random rumors I’ve heard about the real reasons he left the Yanks the first time (He had a fetish for fish, Troy McClure-style, or something like that). But I don’t quite see how he’s being phony in this situation. I mean he’s had all the leverage in the world since Cliff Lee was taken off the table. Are you suggesting he’s playing up this Hamletian indecisiveness to raise his price tag even higher? Because I’m pretty sure it can’t get any higher. Are you saying that he likes that all of Yankee Universe wants him more than ever, and that he’s prolonging this so that he can linger in the adulation? Are you saying that he’s not at all conflicted about not being able to hang out with his sons more? That’s pretty cynical, even for me.

I think Pettitte may have serious doubts about coming back while Clemens is on trial, and this has much to do with his indecisiveness.
I don’t think he will ever cop to this, once (and if) he returns. It will be all about his sons, his family, etc.
If he proves me wrong, returns, and at the press conference (or some other time) talks about this issue I will eat crow, without issue.

I believe Pettitte could do everything you say in your first post above SF (i.e. decide to return, get a contract worth millions, hold a press conference in which he speaks of having struggled with a hard decision that was primarily about his family) and none of it would make him “phony” in the least, except in your view because you are projecting onto him considerations that may or may not have anything to do with his calculus, and then requiring that he speak to those issues in order for you to find him unphony.

i don’t think you’ll have to heat up that crow sf…i think you’ve good a good point…i’ve read it somewhere, and we kicked around here a week or so ago…i can’t imagine the distraction the clemens trial would be to pettitte, and let’s face it, the yankees in general…the upside is that the sports media will have something else to talk about besides jeter’s bad defense ;) the downside is obvious…this is going to be a circus…espn will probably even invent a new channel “espn-roger” to cover all the stuff coming from the trial…pettitte already is no longer clemens’ friend because of his refusal to tell the story the way roger told it…now he’ll have to sit across from him in a courtroom and repeat it all over again…that won’t be fun…but, no crow for you…try the chicken…

and let me clarify…i think the overriding issue is his family, but the clemens thing is certainly on his mind…he’s not a phony because he doesn’t tell us everything he’s thinking and what is influencing him…

At the money we’re getting him for, he’s basically just another low-risk piece. My best case scenario: he does well in the minors and moderately well in middle-relief and becomes a chip in a trade to deepen the bench.

Somehow I imagine all of RSN is now smiling with the announcement that Pettitte is going to announce his retirement tomorrow. If it wasn’t clear before it’s crystal clear now the Sox are the clear cut favorite in the AL East and possibly all of baseball. Talk about the Yankees offense, the Sox catching situation, etc…all you’d like but the Yankees have far too much ground to make up starting staff vs starting staff to be considered competition for the Sox barring any significant injuries of course. It’s CC, Hughes and a bunch of question marks. Buckle up Yankee fans…

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