Okay, forget yesterday’s post about not needing taut drama. This was fun. And yeah, McCarty did go around.

PS: Does anyone out there know where the Sox are staying here in NY? We’d like to send chocolates to Nomar and Ortiz. Thanks!

Derek: 1-3, now hitting .272. as for defense: 7 errors in 329 total chances, range factor 4.69
Nomar: 0-4, now hitting .235. as for defense: 4 errors in 61 total chances, range factor 3.95

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    Garciaparra, N. Red Sox 1,131,069
    Are there that many clueless folks out there. I think he must have received most of them when he was on the DL – that is when he did the most to help Boston. What a joke. Fortunately Derek beat him out by nearly 300,000 votes.
    Maybe if he goes back on the DL for the rest of the season he will win the MVP.
    And it looks like Pedro is campaigning to get in pinstripes next year! What is going on? I thought this was going to be the year the sox posed a real challange. They are already talking about the wildcard slot.
    And Grady Little lives on. The pulling of Wakefield seemed a very chicken move. And ultimately very stupid. Had to be a reaction to the Grady/Pedro fiasco. Why else would he remove Wakefield after the outing he was having. A couple of bad pitches? A passed ball. It doesn’t get any better than this. Atleast this early in the season.

    bronxborn July 1, 2004, 3:08 am

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