Seems like just a week ago that the AL East was a runaway and the Yanks were heading for the second division. What a difference a week makes. In Boston, the Sox reeled in the Jays and the Yanks have been doing nothing but winning. The Canadians are still in first, but by just a half game over the Sox and the Yanks nipping at 1.5 behind. Interleague starts tonight. Sox face the Mets and Johan Santana. Yanks get the Phils and Brett Myers. Maybe we're in for the long, close race we'd have all along.

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Sorry to go off topic: But has anyone here ever seen a concert at Fenway? Unless, you’re on the field it seems like you be pretty far from the stage. Acoustics?
Trying to decide whether to trade my Mansfield Phish tix for Fenway ones.

Rob – if you have a chance to go to the Fenway show I would for sure. Ive never seen a show there but have seen phish plenty of times at Great woods. They seemed really pumped to play there and should put a great show on….

I love Peter Gammons’ comments about New Yankee Stadium. A joke, Peter? Fenway Park has been a joke park far, far longer. If they tried to build Fenway today, it wouldn’t be approved by MLB.
It’s sad how far Gammons has fallen. Thankfully, everyone knows not to take him seriously anymore on any matter regarding the Yankees or Red Sox.

Wait, two posts mean it’s a phish blog!? Don’t be a h8er. It’s all love, man. Do you need a hug? Or a miracle?
Thanks Sam. The only real complication is we have good seats for Mansfield but a chance at not so good seats, it seems, for Fenway. The grandstand, on the map, seems far away. If we can get on the field, we’ll prob make the trade. Smoking a doobie and dancing in Fenway’s outfield would be pretty sweet!

Speaking of Gammo (where did he say that Andrew?), he mentions in today’s piece that the Sox could have traded Delcarmen for Nick Johnson but are waiting to see what happens with Ortiz. I’m frankly shocked they didn’t make that move. Delcarmen is having a fine year, but at his peak he’s a 1.5 to 2 win guy. Johnson is a 4 to 5 win guy at his peak. So far this season Johnson has already been worth twice as many wins. The salaries are different, and so Delcarmen may be the better value, but Nick the Stick isn’t making that much either.

Whatever you might think of Gammons, you don’t do yourself any favors by calling Fenway a “joke”. Isn’t that kind of reductivism what you are criticizing?

Geeze YF whats with the Phish hate? As someone who has seen 175+ shows I take great offense! ;)
Rob – If you have good seats for Great Woods keep em I guess, nothing like good pavilions for phish…

It looks like field-level might come through. I’ll give up those GW seats in a heartbeat if it means I can spit on Fenway’s outfield grass. I might bury a Damon jersey too!

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