Congratulations Derek Jeter, All-Time Shortstop Hit Leader

A truly extraordinary, historic accomplishment. Hats off to the Captain, who's quietly having yet another MVP-caliber season. 

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He’s having a very good year. But he’s not in the running for MVP. Therefore, he’s not having an MVP year. It seems it’s impossible to discuss Jeter without hyperbole.

It says MVP-caliber. And, stats-wise, he is in the running for it, as he’s been a 4.9-WAR player this season, and a 43.4 VORP, both of which are good for 4th in the league. Oh, and he plays for a team bound for the playoffs, whereas Morneau and Mauer don’t. Which is stupid I know, but it’s how the voting works. Just look at last year.

The only reason I am looking forward to Jeter’s retirement is that he’ll be atop so many impressive stat categories that it will be hard for his detractors to cry “hyperbole” at those who accurately describe his historically signicant place in this sport.

Jeter needs only 34 hits to surpass Lou Gehrig on the Yankees’ all-time hits list.
This really has been an amazing season.

“And look, Jeter’s so picture-perfect even his pinstripes match up from top to bottom.”
Its a onesie.

NoMaas just did a “Teixiera is not the MVP” post, and they used Fangraphs’s WAR rankings. Jeter’s 4th in the league, behind Mauer (my pick), Zobrist and Longoria.
“It seems it’s impossible to discuss Jeter without hyperbole.”
Indeed. Sometimes it’s from the boosters, sometimes it’s from the detractors. In this case, however, the post is entirely accurate.

Not really sure why Mauer is even being talked about for MVP. He has had a fantastic season but he is playing for a team that is 4 games under .500 and his numbers arent so insane that they can overcome that fact. (a la Arod 2003)

look yf, i know he’s hitting .320, but what about the 68% of the time he fails to get a hit?…mvp caliber, indeed ;)
i don’t need to ever look at the stats to know jeter’s a good player…i just listen to the detractors nitpick the flaws in his game, no range, blah, blah…lucky to be on those winning teams…somebody will scold me for making this a sox/yanks thing, but really, compare jeter’s stats to pedroia’s mvp season…not saying he should hands down get it, but he is in the running bob, no hyperbole necessary…

‘and his numbers arent so insane that they can overcome that fact.”
Dude, he’s batting .378 AS A CATCHER. He’s having one of the all-time great seasons for a catcher. This should definitely be an A-Rod 2003 situation this year, especially since no one on a playoff team is really having an insane year.

Mauer shouldn’t only be in the discussion. By all rights he should be – and I believe he is – the frontrunner. If we’re talking about what SHOULD be considered, then playing for a contending team gets tossed. If we’re talking about what DOES get considered, then it obviously becomes a factor and Mauer loses out in a big way.

Not really sure why Mauer is even being talked about for MVP. He has had a fantastic season but he is playing for a team that is 4 games under .500 and his numbers arent so insane that they can overcome that fact. (a la Arod 2003)
Mauer is OPS+’ing 186, as a catcher, and he’s 2nd in the league in throwing runners out. Like Andrew and IH said above, Mauer should be the frontrunner. Hell, he’s the obvious choice if the season ended today.

Mauer has been the best player in the AL this year, but he’ll only really be in the running if the Twins make the playoffs – that’s typically how the WC voting works, ARod in 2003 excepting.
Jeter is the best candidate on the Yanks this year, although Tex seems to be getting most of the attention, and if you subscribe to the “MVP should come from a contending team theory” (a perspective which I can see), Jeter perhaps should be the front runner since the Twinkies and Rays are unlikely to make the playoffs, although I guess they are “contending”.

I dont see how Mauer is the MVP while playing about 130 games on a team thats gonna finish under .500. Its quite possible that Morneau is more valuable than him. I agree his BA is amazing but he in the counting categories he isnt putting up numbers unheard of for a catcher. He is having a great season but its hardly one of the ages. Agree with it or not, the MVP award has been clearly established over the years as for players on a contending team. I dont see Mauer as the Most Valuable Player this season…

I think that Jeter is at the same time, the most overrated and underrated player in all of baseball. And sometimes, its the same people who overrate and underrate him.
People spend all this time talking about he “does all the little things right” and he is a “born winner” and gush about his “professionalism.” It all falls under a category I like to call his “captain-y-ness.” This stuff is primarily soft, unquantifiable, malarkey. I understand why those who don’t like the Yanks would think Jeter is overrated after listening to years of this gunk.
The problem is these same people who extoll his “cpatain-y-ness” will completely discount his many incredible tangible accomplishments by saying things like “You can’t see Jeter’s greatness by looking at the numbers.” OF COURSE you can see Jeter’s greatest by looking at his numbers. His numbers, especially for a short stop are actually insane.
I remeber hearing a couple of years ago that Jeter had a chance to retire with four thousand hits. (If he plays into his early 40’s, which I imagine he will, he certainly has a chance). I was flabbergasted. Not just because it is a stupendously incredible accomplishment, but also because no one ever talks about that fact. Nobody actually talks about what Jeter has actually done in his career because we are all so focused on debating his “captain-y-ness.”
So lets stop talking about all of his intangibles and “clutchitude” and focus on this simple fact: Derek Jeter is an all-time great hitter and one of the best hitters to ever play his position.

Come around more often Guest.
For YFs who watch him every day it is also kind of heady that Jeter is shooting up all kinds of franchise-records with names like DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig, etc. none of which have anything to do with being a SS and everything with being an all-time player.
As an example, passing Gehrig for most hits in the old YS – which fans of other teams may have no reason to care much about – was very cool and really very impressive when you consider who played there. And doing it in the last month of the last year of the Stadium was an example of the flare for the dramatic that is a hallmark of Jeter’s. Whether you want to attribute it to circumstance and luck, which is of course part of it (who could plan that kind of thing?) or to his own talent and determination, or – as would make sense – to a combination of both, it was symbolic of alot of his accomplishments: impressive, often headscratching, and dramatic.
And the class factor and “captain-y-ness” is important frankly. If Ruth, DiMaggio and Gehrig are going ot be passed by someone, he is exactly the kind of player who makes it something to fully celebrate with no ambivalence.

Thanks, IronHorse. I’ve been a bit of a lurker.
I do agree there is something important about Jeter’s “captain-y-ness” and his image when it comes to determining his place in the baseball fan’s imagination. The fact that he seems like he is not only the coolest guy in the room, but also always has been and always will be the coolest guy in the room is one of the things I will never forget about him. It’s probably how I will describe him to my grand children.
My main point is we shouldn’t let this drive our perception of his ACTUAL performance. His image and “captain-y-ness” are important to understanding the story of Derek Jeter and what we think about him. But what he has actually done on the field can be determined by the same metrics we use to judge non-iconic players. And, as noted above, judging by these metrics, Jeter has had an unbelievable career.

He is having a great season but its hardly one of the ages.
Isn’t the highest OPS+ by a catcher was Mike Piazza with 185 in 1997? Joe Mauer is currently at 186. If he keeps up this pace, he will have the highest OPS/OPS+ in the history of his position. He’s leading the league in BA, OBP and SLUG. He’s also been one of the best defensive catchers in the league. I don’t care what record the Twins have, that’s MVP caliber.

Having said all of that, it’s a shame Jeter doesn’t have–and probably won’t have–an MVP in his career. He certainly deserves one.

probably right about the mvp ath, but they do give lifetime achievement awards…it’s called the hall of fame, and barring a major screwup, the talking and writing heads that i’ve encountered, some that have a vote, have indicated jeter is probably a first ballot guy…

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