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Cost vs. Value

2009 cost:

  • CC Sabathia: $14 million
  • A.J. Burnett: $16.5 million
  • Mark Teixeira: $20 million
  • Total: $50.5 million

2009 value (so far):

This hereby concludes the bear-poking portion of this blog.

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At least you’ve given up on the nonsense that DiceK only cost $52 million because the posting fee isn’t technically salary.
Now going back to the off-season, I thought the Yankees did too much for pitching and not enough for hitting. That’s exactly how things look right now. The 2008 team lost 200 runs over 2007. All they did with the offense is run in place. Sabathia, at least, is a clear upgrade in the rotation.
Burnett was a complete waste given Hughes and Pettitte. Just a terrible signing.
Sabathia and Teixeira have both been worth their contract though. Both are on pace to be valued at over $20 million for the year (so says fangraphs).
I’m annoyed because they went into the season with a horrid offensive outfield and no bench to speak of. Same as it ever was.

Of course, the Yankees also gained that one game by cutting $20 million in yearly payroll. Another $100 million and they’d be in first place!

The 2009 Yankee payroll is about $8 million less than 2008, so I guess you’re saying they’re doing more with less, right?

How’s that A-Rod deal working out? $32M in year 2 of this contract.
FAIL!!!!! WORST CONTRACT EVAH!!1111!!!!!!!

they’re doing more with less, right?
Not re-signing Bobby Abreu is the textbook definition of addition by subtraction.

FAIL!!!!! WORST CONTRACT EVAH!!1111!!!!!!!
The bullpen I can live with. It’s finally coming around – as it did last year with Girardi.

Also, that signing bonus the Sox just gave to their second round pick? I mean, the guy hasn’t even played a major league game yet. He’s produced ZERO. What a waste!!!!!

Yanks just sent Jose Veras to the Indians for cash. Payroll number just went down a teensy little bit more…

Also, SF, there’s no way the Sox are getting enough on-field performance from their Green Monster advertising. The signs can’t even catch a ball, and they paid how much to put them up there? What a waste of payroll!

Signing bonuses aren’t real costs. They’re investments in the future. By signing those guys they get more leverage in the futures market and future players will want to sign with them. Since those costs will produce a greater future dividend than the present day costs, the Sox have gotten exactly the right amount for that bonus.

“The bullpen … It’s finally coming around …”
You’re finally getting more innings from you’re starters and don’t need these guys to go 5 innings every night.
BUT … without any offense, you’re not getting to Mo.
I don’t know what to make of this bunch. Should be much better. Could turn out that way. But as has been pointed out, weak bunch, OF stinks, and defense is erratic. And even though I think Girardi is the wrong guy for the job, it’s not his fault.
I can see them going on a tear and I can see them sputtering along. They still have three trips to the West Coast, yes?
Let’s just say that I’ve heard some pundits writing them off. I’m keeping my mouth shut.

I’ll echo SF Rod. Congrats to USA Soccer.

But, this is the worst story of the day by far.
This man helped a town pick itself up by its bootstraps after a huge tornado wiped it off teh map last year. He’s been a mentor to hundreds if not thousands of high school athletes. As a native Iowan, I know how much high school football means in these tiny midwestern towns. I’m still stunned.

Well, first off, you have already prorated their contracts for a full season.
I’d say Teix has been worth 10.7mil + Sabathia’s 9.8 + Burnett’s 3.9mil. Overall, 24.4mil between them in around 43% of the season played.
When you do the math, we’ve only paid them 21.82mil (Total contract cost * % of season played).
Basically, the Yankees have gotten slightly better value for their buck than the norm.

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