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Crisis In Boston: Angels Sign Downs

The Angels' gain is Boston's loss, as Scott Downs takes his relief innings to the west coast. Downs was widely considered Boston's number one target this offseason. After adding complementary players Charlie Crawford and Andrew Gonzalez, there was a feeling of optimism in the land of clam chowder and MIT's underrated museum (an elementary school teacher's dream, I tell you!). This will be the year management opens up the pocketbooks! But old habits are hard to break. The frugal owners went with Plan B and called it Plan A. That's maybe a strategy that will work for one offseason. But this bit of deception comes on the heels of the Sox refusing to pony up for Jason Bay last year (what could have been?!) and Francisco Rodriguez before that.

Even though I mainly follow soccer these days (it's called football here in Indonesia. You read and you learn. You're welcome), I think I still have a good grasp of things baseball-wise.

Hey, who's this Clifford guy anyway?

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Hey IH! Long time no talk! Yeah, I totally agree with you. Downs is certainly the top of the relief free agent class, which is a decent one this offseason, but I’m sure the Sox will recover from this loss.
Speaking of potential losses, am I the only Yanks’ fan who isn’t thrilled by the possibility of adding Cliff Lee until his age 39 year? Say he goes to Texas, is that a death blow or something? I’d like to see what Cashman can do in reaction. Who knows? He might be able to come up with a solution that is, in the long-term, much better for the team.

“…am I the only Yanks’ fan who isn’t thrilled by the possibility of adding Cliff Lee until his age 39 year?…”
no, i’ve been saying the same thing nick, that i wasn’t overwhelmed by the idea of signing lee…sure we need pitching, but there may be less onerous options…pursuing him so hotly seemed a bit knee-jerk, especially now in light of the red sox making some moves…
“…He might be able to come up with a solution that is, in the long-term, much better for the team….”
my suggestion to cashman is that he open the farm system and checkbook to the twins to pry mauer loose…that would make me happy…

Kruk just said on ESPN that if we don’t get Lee, we won’t make the playoffs…really fat boy??? Could you hate the Yankees more obviously???
Does anyone else think this is true? I don’t. We’re still good enough to make the playoffs. Hell, if AJ pulls his head out of his ass and Pettitte comes back…we can still win the whole thing!
I hate John Kruk. Have another cheeseburger John.

I have to think he is leaning towards staying with the Rags…if it were about the $$$, he would have already signed.
I’m starting to get over the whole thing. He’s handcuffing Cashman with his stalling which could effect the other things he wants to do…maybe time to pull the offer and move on?
Let him rot in Texas if he wants.

The Yankees should be making moves as if they don’t have Lee. They can afford the “mistake” of him accepting their offer, I think. I don’t mean this snarkily – if I were running the Yankees I would treat the situation as if Lee were non-existent.

kruk is a joke…he’s baseball’s answer to matt millen…
yeah, i agree krueg, i’d put a time limit on the offer and move on…frankly, i think it’s way to much fuss and money over a guy who’s had a couple of good regular seasons [1 very good], and a mixed bag in the post season…i’m not a big fan of the greinke talk either…he put the yanks on his “no-trade” list for a reason…what’s changed?…did he finally realize that kc isn’t going to pay him?

Good point SF…but maybe there IS an internal budget and Lee would take up a good chunk of it? Plus, they don’t know about Pettitte yet.
I think he’s better than that dc, but I get your point. Hell, maybe Nova can step in and have a good season? Plus, I’m going to drive over to Arkansas and have a talk with AJ. Get his head right. I know what his truck looks like, since we were behind him in traffic last summer at the Stadium…
It’s not a disaster or anything, we still have a sick team. I just want some shiny new toys!

I am a bit surprised that the Sox didn’t ink Downs. Perhaps they think Doubront can do the job from the left side and for way less money? Or is it just as mentioned above: bullpen construction relies heavily on year-to-year variances and chance?

“…I think he’s better than that dc, but I get your point….”
he’s good, yep, but is he good enough to devote millions and years to, while he holds us hostage from making other moves that could help us?…sf is giving some good advice…pretend he’s not in the mix…if the yanks were to make a move on another starting pitcher, that might motivate lee a bit…

I wonder if the Sox didn’t want to do a three-year deal for a middle reliever, though I would have bit the bullet on Downs. Only $5M per year? Not really that much, in the grand scheme of things.
On the other hand, him not being on the Blue Jays is a plus and not going to the Yankees is an even bigger plus. I suspect the Sox won’t have to worry about facing him in the playoffs.

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