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Crunchy: Sox-O’s Gamer

Erik Bedard returns to Camden and hopes to secure a spot at the table for the Sox.  Zach Britton pitches for Baltimore.  Lineups follow, comment away.

J. Ellsbury cf .323
D. Pedroia 2b .303
D. Ortiz dh .308
J. Lowrie 3b .257
A. Gonzalez 1b .338
R. Lavarnway c .233
D. McDonald rf .232
C. Crawford lf .255
M. Scutaro ss .295
E. Bedard 3.50
R. Andino 2b .266
J.J. Hardy ss .265
N. Markakis rf .285
V. Guerrero dh .289
M. Wieters c .262
A. Jones cf .280
M. Reynolds 1b .222
C. Davis 3b .260
N. Reimold lf .246
Z. Britton 4.44

64 replies on “Crunchy: Sox-O’s Gamer”

Meanwhile, Bedard gives up a 2-run homer to Wieters and can’t make it out of the 4th. Another no-decision for a Red Sox starter.
Ace comes on and ends the threat.
In top 5, Ells is robbed at 1st on a bad call; but Sox with 2 on, 1 out for cleanup batter … Jed Lowrie.

Oh, and yes, with God as my witness, I really did call that Lavarnway homer.

Wow, still got a pulse. Chances are good the wild card comes down to game 162 in both leagues…maybe 163.
I’ll take a win any way they can get one tomorrow…go Yankees, BTW. Way to suck, Soriano.

Also, I can’t watch tomorrow’s game(s), which is awful. I’ll come out of a “spontaneous writing sample” for a graduate program I’m trying to get into, and find out our fate…

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