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Curt Schilling Is a Big Fat Idiot

First he was telling us all about how he wanted to “shut up” the New York fans. Fine. Then, post Series, he announced that the Sox would never have won anything if the A-Rod trade had gone through, a statement both ridiculous (who the hell knows?) and insulting (nice sportsmanship). And to cap off his week he decided to publicly endorse Dubya on Good Morning America, and then to stump for the President in New Hampshire, where the election may well be decided. Now, we hear he has flip-flopped (!), and will not be heading up to the Granite State, the excuse being that he is not “medically cleared” to leave home. Also, he says, “speaking as I did the other day was wrong.” Who got to the star? Who knows. Our response? To paraphrase Tanner Boyle: “Hey Curt, you can take your apology and your trophy and stick it straight up your ass.”

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Idiot. At least he apologized, but the damage has been done. My guess is Lucchino, a stalwart Democrat, had something to say to Curt about his “medical clearance”…

Schilling’s prognostication skills may be better than his political instincts. Suppose the A-Rod trade had gone through, then we can start the (I admit, silly) cascade of hypothetical non-moves. Nomar gone for Magglio of the bum knee (realize that was part of the whole deal), no Manny, no Cabrera or Minky or Roberts, etc. I think he’s right in substance, but you make a valid point about the idiocy of the statement as a conceptual starting point.

” a statement both ridiculous (who the hell knows?) and insulting (nice sportsmanship).”
It’s probably a quite accurate statement actually, if you analyze the hypotheticals, regardless of Curt’s motives for saying it. Bringing up sportsmanship and Cheat-Rod in the same sentence is laughable. C-Rod deserves all the criticism he gets for his flagrant slap at Bro-yo’s ball.
Curt was a huge part in bringing Boston a championship this year; he can say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned.
Come on YF, what’s up with this irrational cynicism and unwarranted bitterness? You remind me of a Red Sox fan – circa October 19, 2004.

Doesn’t seem to me that YF is being either bitter or cynical, MRh√©. He’s calling Schilling an ass for his behavior, which, given old Curt’s predilection for talking without thinking, is totally warranted. (Or, I don’t know, maybe he *does* think before speaking, which reflects even worse upon the guy.) No one’s arguing that ARod’s lame slap at Arroyo’s mitt wasn’t doofy and weak–it totally was. But for Curt to immediately kick the guy when he was obviously down from being part of the monumental collapse, was, in Schilling’s own words in describing ARod, ‘bush-league.’ Was Schilling’s comment factually correct? Who knows. It was speculation. It doesn’t matter. The comment was a-hole-ish and pointedly mean. And as for his comments re the other Bush, well, anyone who looks to Curt Schilling for his political insight has got bigger problems than can be addressed in this thread.

A fundamental disagreement then. I don’t think Curt’s comment was “a-hole-ish” or even pointedly mean. Curt says what he feels; he’s honest when asked for his opinion – and it sometimes comes out unsolicited, granted. Perhaps because I agree with what he said, I don’t find it particularly offensive. He didn’t lay into A-Rod, he simply said that he didn’t think he would have been compatible with the Sox clubhouse. Is this a veiled way of saying that C-Rod is a me-first, petulant child? Perhaps, but he didn’t say that.
I don’t see what the big deal is. Why is he castigated for commenting on a non-acquisition which, if it had gone through, would certainly have drastically altered the makeup of the 2004 Red Sox team and arguably, at least, would have affected their effort to win the World Series?
As for Bush, I think it’s a lot of baloney over nothing. If he had said “vote Kerry” I doubt there would be such an uproar for one; for another, what is wrong with him essentially saying “I’m voting for Bush, you should too?” You can say his comment was out of place and unsolicited, and perhaps that’s true, but I really don’t see what the big deal is.
I think that if Yank fans are complaining about this its mainly sour grapes, and if Sox fans complain about it then it’s just nitpicking stupidity (the cynical/bitter comment about YF was a joke. mostly).
Curt can publicly campaign for Sharpton for all I care as long as he pitches like a demigod.
Anyway, I don’t care. 2004 World Champs baby.

Well, technically, it was 56,128 fans in Yankee Stadium who sat in stunned silence on October 19, 2004.
And it was clearly the moonbat, left-liberal Dem ownership group who “got to him” in a vain attempt to silence his first amendment rights.
And he’ll beat the crap out of RJ on Opening Day.

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