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Day Of Rest

The Yanks and Sox are idle.  The Rangers and Devils don't play until tomorrow.  Game 7 of the Celtics and Sixers is Saturday.  It seems a quiet day, but not noiseless.  There is work to do, and chores.  I guess I'll probably have to talk to people at some point.  Damn it.

Make sure to check out the picture in this article from the Devils game over the Rangers.

Lawrie clocks an ump again.

Ray Allen is better from the corner 3 than Blake Griffin is from the line.

Did you know there are laws against giving people money from your car?  I don't know why I put this in here, maybe it's just because mean people suck.

10 replies on “Day Of Rest”

I need to buy the Yankees.
I would install stocks in the stadium and make slumping players be locked in there and let the Bleacher Creatures throw rotten produce at them…
That would get them going, right???

It is sunny and WARM down here…getting a little too warm for my NY blood. Even after living in the science-forsaken South for the past 19 years I never get used to the summers.
I would really love a sweep of the lowly A’s on this Memorial Day weekend. That and nail this interview on Tuesday!!!

> It has been grey and rainy since Monday morning. I miss the sun. Please stop sending your weather this way gerbil.
Unfortunately, we have too much to go around. I played golf yesterday in a deluge that would make monsoons blush.

Gracias my hard-rocking amigo!
The favor would obviously be returned but I don’t want any of you to come to Memphis, for any reason.

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