Deconstructing Pedro

The Sox push by tonight, but let’s face it: the story this weekend remains Pedro’s profane homage to his “daddies” from the Bronx. What happens if these teams face each other in the playoffs? Have Pedro’s teammates seen weakness in their stalwart? Does Schilling move automatically into the #1 slot? The daddies themselves will undoubtedly be buoyed by the comments—they know they’ve got the man who was their nemesis spooked. And if that was some roundabout way of buttering up a team with which he would like to sign next year…we can only assume it backfired.

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  • Right on. I mean, even if you’re thinking what Pedro was thinking, BITE THE TONGUE. #1 reason for Pedro to have stuck with his press boycott.
    (or, is it just Pedro’s “Kaat thinks I’m now a smart crafty vet” mad scientist ploy to get back in the Yankees heads? Bwaaaahahahahahaha…)
    Either way, embarrassing.

    SF September 26, 2004, 8:54 am

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