Delude yourself all you want

Delude yourself all you want about Mannygate (or, more aptly, Mannygait). I’m all for giving players the benefit of the doubt, and for appreciating the humanity of this great game and those who play it–thus my aversion to the ad-hominemization [there’s a word!] of sports commentary. (My least favorite ESPNism: “He has to make that play.”) Not to mention creeping mechanization (steroids! Questec!). So let it be said that I’m all for taking the shenanigans of certain players (Sammy, Barry, Rocket) with a grain or two of salt. But Manny crossed a line that made what should have been a special moment a frustrating and upsetting one. That was wrong, and deep down even you, my dear SF, must appreciate what a sad display it was. Some questions about this series: 1: Will the bottom of the Yankees order produce? Boone, Johnson, and Rivera need to get on base and deliver key hits. 2: Will the middle of the Sox order produce? Manny and Ortiz had a clutch hit apiece against the A’s and did little else. That won’t be enough in this series. 3: Who will close for Boston? 4: Is Contreras the Yanks secret weapon in middle relief?

Posted by YF on 10/8/2003 03:42:19 PM

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