Derek & Stacy: First Anniversary Edition

One year ago today, we posted a short item on the supposed budding romance between our hero, Derek Jeter, and aspiring mactress Stacy Lynn Spiers. (Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves.) That relationship, if it existed at all, didn’t last, but the thread it inspired has lived on, and continues to grow—it is now approaching 400 comments. It is, suffice it to say, a spirited read, and on subjects we had not anticipated covering in this blog when we conceived it—everything from the politics of inter-racial dating to the relative merits of celebrity breast enhancement surgery. Basically, it’s our own private soap opera, and it’s more interesting than anything on the WB. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on it, we suggest you give it a look see. And while you’re at it, join in the discussion.

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