It isn’t quite Yalta, and they are not quite Anwar and Menachem (maybe a future Jen and Brad?), but yesterday at the Carroll Street Playground Yanksbaby Eliza and Soxtoddler Isaac held court, and there was peace.

On this Father’s Day, we reiterate Nick’s message from earlier and wish all Dads, Yankee fan and Sox fan alike, a wonderful day – our two kids (following our examples, of course!) show that gaps can be bridged, that the color of one’s sox (or stripes) means far less than family.   

Happy Father’s Day.

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I lived on Court at DeGraw for years, moving back to LI in 2004.
Nice to see you guys enjoying the best ‘hood in bklyn with your kids.
I really miss that area, but I do get back from time to time for a Buddy’s Gourmet Burrito and some fine Bklyn Lagers.
keep up the good work guys, your site is great.

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