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Dicey Situation?

Craig Calcaterra notes the relationship between the Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka might be souring:

A day after Dice-K declared the Red Sox' training methods as the reason for his injuries
(no word on whether he blamed them for his second chin and inability to
throw a pitch down the middle), the team is striking back. And, as is
the custom in Boston, they're doing it through the media. First, Tony Massarotti hits him,
relaying that the team is "downright angry" at him, and that "the truth
is that the Red Sox were tired of Matsuzaka's high-maintenance act a
long time ago, but they kept their mouths shut and put up with it
because Matsuzaka won games."

Then Dan Shaugnessy,
who has long been a trusted messenger for the Sox, says "the Sox are
steamed. Matsuzaka talked out of turn, infuriated his bosses and his
teammates, and unwittingly took the focus away from Hall of Famer Jim
Rice on the night the slugger's number was retired . . . It is
reasonable to wonder if Matsuzaka will pitch again for the Sox this
season. Or ever."

Meanwhile, the relationship between the Yanks and Kei Igawa has never been stronger. Reports are Yanks officials are so happy with his minor league record, they're thinking of calling him up to do mop up work in a blow-out game in September. Yanks management believes the huge bid it took to negotiate with Igawa was worth it. It is believed that American minor league baseball has never been as popular as it is now in Japan.

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I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but I would’ve thought Matsuzaka was like Matsui in the low-key, work everyday kind of guy. This is the first I’ve heard of anything like this..

And, as is the custom in Boston, they’re doing it through the media.
This is the stupidest piece of sh*t I’ve read in a long time, even acknowledging that we’re in the midst of the trade deadline silly season.
This meme that the Red Sox front office crucifies players who fall out of favor anonymously in the media may or may not be true (I’m skeptical that there’s anything organized about it), but in this case, Terry Francona and John Farrell spoke on the record about their “disappointment” with Matsuzaka’s “poor judgment” in “airing dirty laundry.” So Calcaterra didn’t need to find the TWO WORST WRITERS in Boston to cite displeasure. He could have cited two on-the-record team employees, who had plenty of surprisingly juicy quotes about the situation.
Lazy, lazy article from Calcaterra. Not worth the money I paid to read it.

Angelina is cheating on me? :)
Matsuzaka should shut up, pitch, and stop making excuses for why he sucks so bad.
If he wants to throw a hundred pitches a day, go home and do it in your yard, as any baseball player in the history of organized sports would do.

This is like reading a tabloid. “Angelina is CHEATING ON BRAD!”
Holy sh*t! Angelina is cheating on Brad?
Why hasn’t Bob Ryan reported on this urgent piece of news?

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