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Did Someone Get The Number Of That Truck? Jays-Yanks Gamer

The Jays exploded for five runs in the 11th to win yesterday afternoon, and have already plated two against Pettitte in the top of one today.  Ugh.  Comment away.

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Nice to see the offense wake up again. Brett Gardner having a largely unheralded and yet really excellent season; Pettitte not super but solid; Teixeira finally producing rather consistently.
Been in Berlin for a while and have to say that it is hard not to get into World Cup soccer when you’re here. The entire city shuts down for matches — and for those featuring the ridiculously strong German team, you can hear the entire city groaning and cheering with every missed or made shot. I don’t think any other sporting event can really match this even though I am not a soccer fan generally. You’ve got national pride wrapped up in a once-every-4-years tournament in what is by far the most popular sport in Europe, Africa, South America, parts of Asia, and parts of North America. I’d still take your avaerage baseball, football, or basketball game over your average soccer game any day, but for mass-unbridled-sport-fanaticism, I think the World Cup has got to be the best event there is.
Happy 4th all.

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