Didn’t see the game –

Didn’t see the game – caught moment by moment updates on JetBlue’s inflight DirecTV, then the highlights, so I have heard (and seen) everything about twelve times. I can’t speak to your point by point post, but I do wonder what happened to Contreras. His stuff in the sixth looked awesome, but what happened in the seventh? As for tomorrow, who the hell knows. Let’s hope that an itchy ump doesn’t go overboard if there’s an early inside pitch (so long as it isn’t headhunting), to me that’s a danger. I don’t think either pitcher will be out for anything but the win, past history aside. As for the result, there are so many ways to spin the poetry of a possible outcome, from Roger beating the Sox in his last start against them and beating Pedro again, to the Sox exorcising some demons by making it to the Series by beating a true Sox hero in Yankee Stadium. I just wish I could see the game. Re: Nomar, I don’t think it’s fair to say I put him on the block, in fact I did speculate about his return, though I still do have reservations about his predictability at the plate and my trade thoughts were pretty heavily qualified. He was good today, no doubt, and I hope that was the start of something, not the end. As for the Marlins, what’s to like? Unless they are playing the Yanks, I’ll be pulling for the AL team… SF in SF

Posted by YF on 10/16/2003 10:10:41 AM

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