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Dim Sum Détente


So how do two jewish guys from opposite sides of the baseball fan universe work things out?  They eat pork. Lots of it.  YF and I (along with both families) headed to Sunset Park this weekend to smooth out the rivalrous tension, and also to fill our bellies. We may disagree about baseball, but we both agree that cheap, bountiful chinese food is a key to happiness.  More pics after the jump.

She serves Red Sox fans too, without prejudice.

That's YF in the background, polishing off spare rib #27 (in honor of his team of course!)

In the end, it was hard to distinguish which set of animals (Sox fans, or Yanks fans) made the bigger mess. We're all basically the same, right?

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this was golden bay seafood, which is my personal favorite for dim sum in sunset park. the clientele is almost exclusively chinese and it’s crowded on weekends but it moves quickly:
there are those who think world tong out in bensonhurst is better, but i’m not in that camp. certainly the lines are longer and it’s more “discovered.”
imho the best chinese restaurant in sunset park (and brooklyn overall) is pacificana. they also do a fine dim sum but it’s super-packed on weekends and is at its best for dinner.

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