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3 solid innings for Chadwick…nicely done brother.
Time for more runs. Destroy Price and get into that juicy Rays bullpen!!!

Crawford picked off by Chadwick…NICE!!! Gunned at 3rd earlier in the game…what a douche.

Earlier in the game Jorge becomes the only catcher to catch crawford stealing twice this season and now Gaudin picks crawford off first. Beautiful night at the stadium, though would be nicer with a bigger lead and a Jeter hitfest. The couple directly in front of me has been fondling and making out all night. There are a lot of words I’d use to describe the atmosphere at the NYS – romantic is not one of them. Feeling sick to my stomach and it’s not the 2 hot dogs I just downed.

6 great innings by Gaudin. GREAT JOB!!!! When is the offense going to explode???? I know it’s coming…BUT WHEN???

0 for 11, with some help from this f-cking ump.

Jeter making me re-think coming to tomorrow’s game. If he were 1 or 2 away I would, but 4 from breaking the record…hmmm…

Damon draws the 2 out walk, then Tex rips a single up the middle…COME ON AROD!!!! IT’S TIME FOR AN ABOMB!!!!

I don’t care much for the rally-graphics at NYS or at any other stadium for that matter, but the slightly angry slightly psychotic weeble-looking thing that sort of resembles Lord Farkwad from Shrek has become a favorite of mine.
And A-Rod seems to be raking with RISP for a month now. Not lots of HRs but plenty of hard hit balls and RBIs.

Eva Longoria hits a solo HR…2-1. Time to take Gaudin out. He did a great job but that pitch was a joke. Right down the middle, slow, crushed.

F-ck, bringing Bruney in…we’re f-cked. BUT, Chadwick gets another batter??? Great, here comes the HR to blow the lead.

FINALLY!!!!! JESUS F-CKING CHRIST!!!! Top 7th, 1st and 2nd with no outs…and here comes Bruney now. We are so f-cked.

Marte has started to look real good again. Hope he can keep it up and make a case for a role in October. When he’s on he’s v good.

Coke gets the broken bat ground out to Jerry…NICE!!!
We need a few more runs now. Please? Pretty please??


1 pitch, HR…we do not deserve to win this game. Hughes blows the lead. I guess he was due.
This game sucks so badly.

Given that they’ve been playing about .750 ball forever it is amazing how seldom they win when I come here this year. I have to check but am pretty sure they are 1 and 6 or something very much like that. I suck.
Of course, if Hughes survives this we have walk-off potential yet again…

Man, what a smooth transition Cano has. But UZR has his DPR (double-play runs) at -1.5, so I guess it’s all an illusion…

Holy crap, what a great play by former Yankee Randy Choate. I wonder if he kept his ring from 2000…

This game makes me want to PUKE WITH BOREDOM!!!! COME ON!!!!
Mo in a tie game??? WHY????

Which bum is going to run into one to end this game? Pathetic that the Yankees can’t easily beat the Rays, they’re 16.5 games up on them, this should have been a cakewalk!

Too busy hugging strangers. Swisher has hit hrs from both sides in same game 10 times. That’s actually pretty amazing.

The Swisher deal seems to be working out. There’s a part of me that wonders if the Nady injury was ultimately good for the Yanks, as it made Swisher a full-time player.

I know what you’re saying Nick, though I like Nady. Going into the season with Damon, Gardner, Melky, Matsui, Nady, and Swisher it seemed like the Yanks would have a real problem juggling playing time, but it has really worked out. I’ll be happy to get Nady back next season, but Swisher seems a very central ingredient to something special about this team both on the field and apparently in the clubhouse. They’ve done a great job not letting up despite being far out front and girardi managed tonight like a critical win with all the 7th inning mixing and matching, turning to hughes and mo in a tie game, etc. The team seems focused and relaxed at the same time and find a different way to win every night. Tonight it was Gaudin, Swisher, and great D by Alex, Cano, and Hairston. They really contained Crawford despite the fact that he was on base with less than 2 outs all night. They’re just a ton of fun to watch right now.

“…They’re just a ton of fun to watch right now….”
yep…i only watched the last couple of innings last night, but in general they’ve been fun to watch since the all star game…it has everything to do with winning of course, but the way they’re winning, the way they play, the focus they have, and the way they pick each other up with a different hero every night, is something i haven’t seen in a yankee team in quite awhile…i’m going to keep repeating myself about being afraid of the post season demons, but for now i’ll enjoy the ride to get there…once upon a time i got jumped on for claiming that it’s not all about the post season even as a yankee fan, because as a baseball fan you can get enjoyment out of things like how well tex has fit in, jeter silencing his critics and taking his place on some all time lists, cano waking up and playing the way we thought he would, swisher’s refreshing enthusiasm, a free agent pitching acquisition in the hunt for a cy young, arod being out of the spotlight for the time being, walk offs, cream pies…sure i’ll be bummed big time if the yanks make a fast exit from the playoffs, but that won’t cancel out the fun i’ve had watching this particular group of players…

“…i’m going to keep repeating myself about being afraid of the post season demons.”
Yep, I hear you brother. This season has been INCREDIBLE but all that really matters is the playoffs…

the rays are doing this year what everyone expected last year and imploding. I think it started when they were arguing on the field about who covers what on a bunt play.

p.s. AND their fanbase is a joke. As a former Tampa resident, they don’t even deserve a team.

Florida is a bad location for MLB. with spring training and the transient nature of the population – and they’re proclivity towards Nascar and football (As a former temporary FL resident I can say that as well)

I also think DW that fans in the Tampa area basically wear their hometeam gear UNDER their Tampa stuff. When it comes to baseball, you aren’t going to drop the Yankees, Sox, Cubs, etc. for the sorry-ass Rays. I knew a lot of “tampa” fans that were really fans of other teams…
They also should have built the stadium in Tampa, not St. Pete. Getting to that place from Hillsborough County or inland is BRUTAL! I’ve sat in traffic on the bridges after a Yankees game for literally an hour and a half/two hours to go maybe 15 miles???

“…Florida is a bad location for MLB…
i couldn’t agree more dw…i’m originally from the northeast…in part that’s how i became a yankee fan…i’ve lived in north central fl for 4 years now, and i can confirm that all the natives think about here is college football, particularly the gators…the only significant interest for other sports is generated by transplants from other states…there is some interest in pro football, but it takes a big back seat to the gators…i’m the only baseball fan i know, so i talk to myself a lot…one guy even asked me if the word “yankees” on my t-shirt meant the team or the guys that fought for the north in the civil war…no kidding…he did a double-take, turned, and actually asked me that…
you have a good point too krueg…the few “tampa” fans i have run into used to be [probably still are] yankee fans…

Yeah DW, but that is traffic coming out of a real stadium after watching a real team…the Trop is a dump and their team is junk. ;)

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