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Don’t Call Me Roy: Sox-Orioles Gamer XIV

Buchholz takes the hill for the Sox as they look to sweep in Baltimore.

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That report raises a LOT of questions, to be sure, Sam, but there’s no mystery about the Mitchell Report not mentioning it. The Mitchell report was released in in December of 2007 and this investigation/firing took place in July, 2008.
YF paranoia knows no bounds, I guess.

I haven’t decided where this story falls on the “oh, shit” radar — low, middle or high. I really just don’t know what it means.
Just because a team employee is implicated doesn’t mean players were involved.
And certainly MLB is as culpable as the Red Sox in terms of any possible wrongdoing.

Ah, I see Pete Abe is spreading this zombie lie about the Mitchell Report. Jesus.
In other news: DREW!! Nice to have him back in the lineup, though of course it means Bay is sitting to rest his hammy.

No, I don’t expect objectivity from him, IBM. But I do expect at a facility with Google.
Worrisome about Drew. I still think it’s funny for Baldelli, of all people, to be someone’s injury replacement.

GIDP erases the walk.
Also, I vaguely remember hearing about Remy’s son being arrested a few years ago, but how did I not know he’s a roid-freak security guard making $11/hour? So bizarre.

Two walks after having been spotted a four-run lead! It’s just a gut feeling on my part, but I wonder if Buchholz has the mental make-up to be a top pitcher on the major league level.

SF, you’re better and reading between the lines than I am. To me, this steroid story in today’s Globe rates on the importance meter at about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. What’s your take?

Gotta read the story, IBM, but heading out with kids right now. More later – first couple pages are nothing but circumstantial, tangential nothingness.
Remy’s kid is a piece of work, though, a real thug.

Yeah, I wrote off that Yankees game before it started, IBM. Buerhle’s got a terrible record against them, for whatever reason.

Two runs in for the O’s in the bottom of the third.
Now obviously Buchholz is nowhere near as terrible as he was last year, but he has not exactly been overwhelming since his call-up. I could have lived with Theo trading him.
And while I write this another run’s in. 7-3 now. Bah.

Wow. That fell apart quickly. I think Buchholz is pretty quickly approaching last year’s quality, PBE.

It’s officla guys…CC is garbage. Cannot hold a 3 run lead…again…gives up back-to-back HR’s and we are now down 3-4. Let’s just go ahead and throw his fat, bloated corpse onto the pile with Kevin Brown, Pavano, Vazquez, Wright, etc…

hey krueg, the Sox just gave up 6 runs and have almost blown a 7 run lead. CC could be pitching worse, I promise.

I log in from Scotland and check the game and we’re up 7-0. Sweet. I switch over to check the golf scores and come back 2 minutes later and it’s 7-6. What the hell?
I must be bad luck.

Ath – I can’t tell whether to tell you to logg off or stop checking golf scores.

maybe we just need to resign ourselves to a slugfest today. Always better to be the home team on one of those.

Who would you rather was out there, IBM? If we’re not going to trade Buchholz, he’s got to learn to pitch up here sometime. And a 5 run lead is not a bad time.

I know it sounds crazy, but Youk is so hot, I would have walked him there if I were Trembley. He’s reached based 10 straight times! He’s 13 for 16 now!

14-6. Buchholz is at 57 pitches. So with that kind of lead I am sure the bullpen would appreciate at least three more innings out of him. Of course, he needs at least two to get the win. Then again, an eight run lead is not safe at Camden Yards, as we know.

I’m not sure that counts a FREUDIAN slip, Ath. Unless there’s more to your situation than I’m aware of…

Marcus McBeth replaced Masterson on the roster. Not sure who has Masterson’s role as long reliever.
Buchholz recovered nicely. He may actually go five and get the win. Ha! I love baseball.
Pete Abe MAY be saying that he’s not surprised the Mitchell investigators didn’t uncover the steroid use by Sox security personnel, but since both of them say they didn’t supply to others but just used it themselves, it seems like a stretch that the investigators would have ever come across them without interviewing every security official in baseball.
My take is twofold: Their own culpability is minor — no evidence they ever supplied to or even discussed usage with any ballplayers. Bu the investigation conducted by the team and MLB was woefully inadequate and makes clear that the new anti-steroid tack is designed solely for the public and doesn’t have much teeth beyond against those who are dumb enough to get caught.

Lowell singles. Remember when our offense was nonexistant? That seems like months ago.

Batting average is pretty worthless as an offensive measure, but it’s still nice that the Sox now have five .300 hitters in the lineup. Been a while.

Bah, I don’t mind the solo shot to Jones at all, responding by walking the next batter on 4 pitches is totally unacceptable.

Re Masterson’s replacement: McBeth was optioned to Pawtucket (and Kottaras sent to the DL) to make room for Martinez and Kotchman. So right now Reddick has Masterson’s roster spot.

Buchholz pulled for MDC. Extremely disappointing start. Sox will be very lucky if it turns into a win for them.

Buchholz gives up a homer to Adam Jones, walks Markakis, allows a single by Huff, and most deservedly gets pulled.
Small sample size at major league level this season so far, but I fear he will never be worth as much as he was at this year’s trading deadline.

This comes closest, I think:
Both men were fired in a case that speaks to both Major League Baseball’s new intolerance for steroids and its inconclusive efforts to investigate suspicious cases.
It’s hard hen you’ve got so much information and what is essentially a two-part story to distill that into one paragraph, and this one doesn’t quite cut it.
You need something like:
Although it’s unclear the extent to which the men’s usage extended into the rest of the Red Sox clubhouse, baseball’s investigation made little attempt to shed any light on that question, the men said, raising concerns about how sincere the sport is about investigating performance-enhancing drug use since a series of embarrassing revelations about its biggest stars.

Lord, is Buchholz really in line for a start on the road against the Yankees? Yikes.

Sox will be very lucky if it turns into a win for them.
I assume you mean lucky from a generic “Your starter gives up 7 ER in 4 IP, there’s no way you should win” sense, and not from a “You have a seven-run lead in the fourth” sense.

I fear he will never be worth as much as he was at this year’s trading deadline.
He had an ERA under 4.00 entering this game. He’s learning.
Delcarmen really needs to get an out here.

Wow, just looked at the box score for the Royals/Rays game. The Royals stole home? Awesome. And a helluva start so far for Bannister — good thing the Yanks didn’t get him.

yes, Paul, you assumed correctly. And nice re-write on the Globe story.
GIDP induced by MDC.

I do miss writing a good investigative piece. They’re the most fun to write — you can do some really creative leads and some really good writing, and the subject matter ensures it’ll be highly read.

Buchholz had a 4.04 FIP entering today’s game. That obviously will go up, thanks to the four walks and two homers, but I suggest we all calm down. Look at how Joba Chamberlain’s struggled this year, and we all know he’s the second coming of Walter Johnson…

The Sox are last in the league in double plays turned, so the last two days have been a nice surprise.

Yes, Paul, I know Buchholz’s still learning. But he is 25 already and, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, my impression is that he’s just not mentally strong enough. Of course, I might well be wrong. I certainly hope so. And I’m certainly calm enough to not ask for his immediate removal from the rotation. He’ll probably beat CC on Saturday.

Glad Kotchman is in. This is the kind of situation that makes him a useful pick-up.

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