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Dontrelle, What Could Have Been? Yanks-DBacks Gamer

I love watching Dontrelle Willis pitch.  I really do.  He's one of those guys that just seems to love the game so much.  I coveted the guy when he came up through the Marlins organization, and felt bad when he lost his luster and his health with the Tigers.  Boo hoo.  Let's crush him.  The (can you believe he is only) 28-year-old represents the DBacks against the Bombers, who send Javier Vazquez, who got cheated out of a fourth straight win by an horribly anemic offense when he went against the Mets last outing.  Comment away.

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This is CRAZY…
Jeter = walk, then to 2nd on a wild pitch
Swish = RBI single, 1-0, then picked off…
Tex = Walk
ARod = Walk
Cano = Strikes out
Tex gunned at 3rd running on 3-2.
So basically, Willis cannot throw strikes and we give him two outs on the base paths. Ridiculous. Should be like 5-0 already, instead it’s 1-0.

VAZQUEZ BLOWS THE LEAD!!!! 1-2!!!! GREAT JOB JAVY YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!! 29 pitches, walks, hits…you do the Pinstripes proud you steaming pile of garbage. NOT!!!

WHY THE FUCK IS CERVELLI BUNTING???? The guy can’t even throw a strike, yet we are bunting and trying to steal bases???? Are they TRYING to lose the game??? Bet money on the Douche-backs or something??? This is RIDICULOUS!!!

So now Willis is settled down, thanks to the fucking STUPID baserunning and approaches at the plate…I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
If we fucking lose to Dontrelle Fucking Willis, I am going to kill someone.

This has got to be the worst played game by the Yankees in recent memory…this horrible team can’t even GIVE us the game, although they are trying.
Why am I still up?
I’m only going to lose my shit.
What is wrong with me?

Mo about to blow the game…2nd and 3rd with no outs. I cannot believe I stayed up this late to watch them blow the worst played game in the history of the fucking world.
Lost 2 of 3 to the fucking lowly Diamondbacks. Awesome.

YANKEES WIN…THAAAAAAAAAA YANKEES WIN!!!! MO FUCKING GOT OUT OF IT…the guy is unreal. Bases loaded, no outs, no matter.
Science be praised.

figures…i went to bed assuming that the sox had already won based on how that one was going the last time i checked, and not long after the yanks had given back the lead at 5-4…i should be happier this morning, but all i can think about is 10 hits, 13 walks, but 3-14 RISP…ugh…a very ugly game against a bad team…

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