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Two Heads Are Better Than One: Dodgers-Yanks Gamer II

Unless one head is stupid or lazy or drunk. Or worthless. Maybe it should just be, “one head is good, and two heads is an option should one get severed.”

Regardless, we are now in overtime. Hughes gets the start against Chris Capuano in the second half of the day-night. Comment away.

6 replies on “Two Heads Are Better Than One: Dodgers-Yanks Gamer II”

Won game one without playing Zoilo??? Ballsy Joe. Ballsy.

And now no Zoilo in Game 2??? WTF Joe????

Just win. It’s more fun packing the house up when we win.

I would never buy a ticket to watch a game that Hughes is pitching. He is possibly the worst fucking Yankee of all-time.

I loathe his fucking face.


1 out.

Bases loaded.

20 pitches.

Worthless. He is just a pathetic excuse for a pitcher. An embarrassment to his family and the Pinstripes. I will have a party when he is hopefully traded when Pineda gets back…that or let go after the season.

I hate him so much it hurts.

I wonder how many more hits Cano would have a season if he actually ever…

RAN HARD OUT OF THE FUCKING BOX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ever? Probably a couple. You would think he would learn watching Jeter every year of his career…

Another game, another loss…

Groundhog Day.

Last place by the All-Star break? Maybe sooner.

I believe this is the end. I believe we are going to suck the rest of the year, and probably next year until they start buying players again because Cashman cannot draft/develop players to save his sorry life.

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