Doug Pappas, Dead at 43

It is with great sadness that YFSF notes the premature death of Doug Pappas, whose lucid and witty writing on the economics of baseball (and his leadership of the SABR committee devoted to that subject) made him a hero to those who crave a rational and fair economic system for baseball and a well-placed thorn in the side of the game’s oligarchs. Pappas was baseball’s Paul Krugman: a creative economic thinker and gifted polemicist; a lawyer by profession, he could evicerate a specious argument with precision. His Business of Baseball weblog, not to mention his writing for other major publications, was required reading for us.

The owners have Bud Selig. The players have Donald Fehr. Fans don’t have many advocates for their interests. Though his was not a household name, Doug Pappas was one. His loss is a major-league blow.

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  • For the record, see the memorial columns by John Sheehan ( and Rob Neyer ( on Doug Pappas.

    YF May 25, 2004, 4:41 pm

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