General Baseball

Early, Easy Estimations

As always, people get excited by streaks, and inevitably find a reason to talk about spikes in stats. Especially when the season is still relatively young. Yes, a win in April matters as much as a win in September in the standings. What is critical is to separate team wins from individual statistics, when thinking about approximately seven months of baseball.

Two weeks ago, the Yankees were pilloried, some people calling for a change of management, but so soon into the season.We shall see.

Judge has a 186 OPS+ as of yesterday. I don’t think he can maintain that, as much as I would like. Yady Diaz for the Satan Fish has a 188 OPS+ and I know he can’t maintain that, just as the team can’t maintain a +111 run diff.

That’s why the season is 162 games in the reggalar.