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Did the Yanks actually make the best acquisition of the offseason?


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I honestly can’t believe Theo let this one get away. Their need was so much greater. Salty has never shown he can be competent back there. Martin just had to show he was healthy.
Kudos to Cashman. Now if only he could understand how to develop young pitching…

“…Did the Yanks actually make the best signing of the offseason?…”
yes…well, at least based on addressing a glaring need, and based on just these first 8 games…agon is still the best signing, once he signs, and he hasn’t been the problem for the sox…i didn’t know a lot about martin when we signed him, and he did have those injury concerns that apparently worried the sox more than the yankees:
but the sox essentially had the same catching situation as the yankees: an aging backup, and a young, unproven prospect…the yankees addressed that by acquiring martin partly so montero could return to the minors and continue to try to become a more complete catcher…the sox decided to stand pat with plan A…yep, at 1 year $4m it appears the yanks made a good decision, but to be fair the sox are paying salty a lot less, 1 year $.75m…i’d like to think the extra $3.25 is well worth it, but let’s see how it plays out over the remaining 154 games though…

off-topic, but i made a comment in another thread about leadership…i recalled how jeter was ripped, here and just about everywhere over the perception of a lack of captain-like leadership a couple of years ago when the yanks were floundering and some of the arod distractions were going on…i commented that the sox appear “rudderless”…sf scolded me…i admitted that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors…but i also recall that was not a defense for jeter, so it is not a defense here…will a rah rah kick butt speech help?…i dunno, but theo sure was given a lot of credit for his before the sox win the other day:
after all that though, it appears a new leader has emerged, or it’s the one we thought was there all along:
“…Dustin Pedroia, who had three hits yesterday, said, “We’ve got to pitch better, man. They have a great offense, but it’s hard to score 10 runs.’’
Ouch. An unsolicited rip. Clearly, frustration is building within the walls of the Boston clubhouse….”
ouch is right…now if he can only channel that frustration into a meaningful exchange with his teammates…the only reason i’m poking at this is because you can’t discount the effect of a motivational leader on one hand while ripping another team for what you perceive is lacking in their recognized leader…not singling out sf as he may not have been the voice of that particular jeter-bash, but there were plenty here that did…

good call, dc. I should change the wording to acquisition, rather than signing.
The whole Jeter is showing poor leadership skills meme was silly and, to me, it was clearly the creation of those who love to drink the Haterade. Let’s not even think about that especially desperate time for the Jeter haters.

I don’t put a lot of stock in the “intangibles” talk that Jeter gets a lot (since it’s not measurable) but Jeter is undeniably a leader on the field. Because Jeter is a leader, and because he gets a lot of credit for it, his lack of “help” for ARod in his first few years as a Yankee was especially glaring. Definitely overblown by the media at the time, but this is mostly because of the high standard to which Jeets is held.
It’s early, but Martin was a fantastic signing by the Yanks. I’ve said several times that I don’t have much faith in Salty as a full-time catcher, so missing out on Martin is especially painful. If he stays healthy then he could be a good asset for the Yanks for a long time, since he’s only 28.

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