Eat It, Toronto: Sox-Jays Gamer III

Last night, the Sox scored 7 times in the 11th inning to put the BJ’s away (Toronto scored 3 in the bottom half so it’s nice that the Sox went medieval on them enough for the lead to stand) and earn their second extra-inning win in a row.

Looking for the sweep at Rogers, the Sox send Kelly to face Stroman (who owned the Sox for two starts in a row in late July).  Die in a fire, Blue Jays.  I’d have preferred you be the division winner, but since you can’t be, I’ve got nothing but contempt this season.

Sox remaining schedule after today: @Rays (4), @Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles, @Royals (4), off-day, @Pirates, @Orioles, off-day, Rays, Yankees (bye bye, Jeter).  In a perfect world, win all the games except those against the Royals (let them have a division title and a postseason berth for goodness’ sake), Orioles (sure, you can have the division this year), and Pirates (two decades of losing hasn’t been made up for with a 5-game ALDS loss last year).

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