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Eat the Birds: Sox-Orioles Gamer

For those familiar with rare, illegal bird-devouring practices, the picture below won't mean much.  But what these diners do to the Ortolan is the image that pops into my head when I hear that the Sox are playing in Baltimore. 

Use this as your gamer.  Chat (and gnaw) away.

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Brooks Robinson in the booth for the Orioles broadcasters. This will be the highlight of the night from the booth. Mute button, take me to paradise.

Sounds like Gameday mistook Bay for Drew, Bay has the flu and Reddick replaced Bay, not JD.
I guess “an injured head” and “the flu” could possible mean the same thing, but it’s a stretch. Maybe there’s no pull-down for “the flu”?

Was just about to post that, Ethan. Ya beat me to it!
He has the flu and still manages to hit go-ahead homers. What a guy.
And Ortiz tries to steal 2nd!

“Bard takes something off and fires a change up, that was 98 miles per hour.” — I love the radio guys.

Um, Smoky Joe Wood? Seriously, I can’t remember one in my lifetime. At least not one who could hit 100+ regularly.

Yet another great outing by Buchholz (ERA: 3.49), and 3.0 flawless innings from the bullpen. I know it’s the Orioles, but still.

All right, the Sox are closer to the Yanks than the Rangers. If I believe the division race is over (I do, though with the tiniest pocket of irrational hope), it follows I must believe the wild card race is over (I…sort of…do). It just feels like it’s a bit early to crown them wild card winners, smacks of arrogance.
But they should maybe begin to consider spelling anyone who’s not 100%.

so are the Yankees scared of the Sox`s pitching? So far, so good, as long as they can keep it up. At least the Angels are scared.

Before this game, Brad Penny had a 1.64 ERA with the Giant, but he is currently being embarrassed in AAAA and performing like the Bad Penny. Did you know the Dodgers have the best run differential in all MLB? Crazy.

Meanwhile, I just realized that the Tigers actually had a negative run differential going into the game today (-3). Wow. Minnesota at +20 before the game and just scored 5 runs in the 8th to take a 6-2 lead. Double wow — if they hang on to win, they’ll only be 2 games back.

Lester gets the GIDP, but only after getting into trouble early and giving up a run. Not how I had this one penciled in.

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