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Eight-Ball Deluxe: Yanks-Twins Gamer

AJ Burnett is on the mound in the second-to-last game the Yanks will play in pinball park (unless they meet in the playoffs). Comment away.

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Just checked into the game. Damnit Joe, I know this win is important, but you really don’t need Mo to go to a 4 out save..!
Okay, maybe it protects some possible confidence leakage for Hughes, but still, let him end the inning!
Though Mo hasn’t pitched in like 2 days or so, maybe..

Yanks won. The Twins are to the Yanks as the Yanks are to the Sox, at least so far.
However, the Twins and Yanks games are all pretty close except yesterday’s blowout, even if the result was one-sided. Go Yanks!
Mo really made it look easy.

Tampa Bay won again as they stay hot on the Wild Card, though the Angels/Texas might also provide a challenge.
The Yanks are 12-10 in 1-run games, thus making them about “normal” in those situation.
Still, that 2-4 stretch against crap teams..

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