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End Of The Season

Bumping this up top for those of you that are taking in the final game of the year for the Sox, facing the Yankees at Fenway.  Boston has a 2-1 lead.  Comment away.

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So basically, if Girardi hadn’t thrown in the towel in those two games in Tampa by running out scrubs…if we won this game, we would win the East because then the Rays wouldn’t have won the season series.
So basically, if we don’t win #28, it is CLEARLY Girardi’s fault because the reasoning behind his decisions was to “keep everybody healthy” for the playoffs.
So basically, if the team doesn’t start producing in the playoffs and we lose in the ALDS, his decision was wrong and he blew the chance to repeat.
So basically, if all that is true. He should be fired. Right? :)

“…It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone in Tampa goes and watches this playoff series….”
well, they may have to give away a few thousand more tickets brad… ;)

This team is really just steamrolling into the post-season..
Random tidbit of the day:
If the baseball season started July 15th, the Yankees would have finished last in the AL East.
Also random tidbit of the day:
Go Dolphins!! (just kidding, Krueg)

Yeah…I’m over football. Hockey starts this week so I’m yankees playoffs (Sox will be watching, just kidding Brad!) and Sabres hockey. Fuck the Fins.
In other news…it looks like AJ IS NOT PITCHING IN THE ALDS!!! WE’VE GOT A CHANCE BABY!!!

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