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Ennui: Sox-Pirates Gamer

The Sox seem bored lately. Haggard baseball, sloppy pitching, bad situational play. It’s time to get serious again, and the Pirates offer that chance. Comment on the action here.

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Youkilis seems pretty poor at third base. Would the Sox let Ortiz walk and put him at DH?Strange to put a gold-glove first baseman at DH, but Adrian is even better than Youk at first. I guess the question becomes who plays 3rd next year if not Youkilis?

We’re just going to disagree on everything these days, huh AndrewYF? First I follow you over from RAB. Now I’m just going to contradict you left and right.
BR calls Youkilis slightly above average at 3B. Fangraphs has him below average. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Youkilis provides tremendous value, especially since he can play 1B/3B good enough. It’s far too soon to move him to DH and since he’d actually be overpaid there relative to the market.
The more interesting question to me is what the Sox will do with Ortiz. He’s going to want multiple years and he could probably get them on the open market with the way he’s hitting. Do the Sox even offer a three year deal? I’d think not, but they seem to have a special place for Ortiz.

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